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„Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

From the same 24 March 1954 letter as above, p. 44
Attributed in posthumous publications

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Kurt Cobain photo

„I wouldn't have been surprised if they had voted me Most Likely To Kill Everyone At A High School Dance.“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994

As quoted in Howl (1993-07-22).
Interviews (1989-1994), Print

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Maynard James Keenan photo

„Tool is not Slayer. I went to art school. I spent three years in the military. There's more to me than throwing devil horns.“

—  Maynard James Keenan musician 1964

Aidin Vaziri (January 2, 2009) "Maynard James Keenan: Hard rocker, winemaker. 5 Questions.", San Francisco Chronicle, p. E3.

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„School, I never truly got the knack of. I could never focus on things I didn't want to learn.“

—  Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer 1974


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„Nor can anyone rightly choose his own doctrine from all, unless he has first made himself familiar with all of them. Moreover, there is in each school something distinctive, which it has not in common with any other.“

—  Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, book Oration on the Dignity of Man

30. 196-197
Oration on the Dignity of Man (1496)
Original: (la) Nec potest ex omnibus sibi recte propriam selegisse, qui omnes prius familiariter non agnoverit. Adde quod in una quaque familia est aliquid insigne, quod non sit ei commune cum caeteris.

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„When I was in school, martial arts made you a dork, and I became self-conscious that I was too masculine. I was a 16-year-old girl with ringworm and cauliflower ears. People made fun of my arms and called me "Miss Man." It wasn't until I got older that I realized: These people are idiots. I'm fabulous.“

—  Ronda Rousey American judoka, mixed martial artist, professional wrestler and actress 1987

"6 Feminist Quotes From Ronda Rousey That Prove She's More Than Just A Trash Talker", in Bustle.com (3 August 2015) http://www.bustle.com/articles/101566-6-feminist-quotes-from-ronda-rousey-that-prove-shes-more-than-just-a-trash-talker

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