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„Which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by a music school?
Are the people inside the school musical and the ones outside unmusical?“

—  John Cage American avant-garde composer 1912 - 1992

"Communication", the third of the Composition as a Process lectures, John Cage gave in Darmstadt in 1958 and published in Silence.

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„I was taught at school never to start a sentence without knowing the end of it.“

—  Paul Dirac theoretical physicist 1902 - 1984


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„School, I never truly got the knack of. I could never focus on things I didn't want to learn.“

—  Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer 1974


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„From childhood we are trained to have problems. When we are sent to school, we have to learn how to write, how to read, and all the rest of it.“

—  Jiddu Krishnamurti Indian spiritual philosopher 1895 - 1986

Source: 1980s, That Benediction is Where You Are (1985), p. 18
Context: From childhood we are trained to have problems. When we are sent to school, we have to learn how to write, how to read, and all the rest of it. How to write becomes a problem to the child. Please follow this carefully. Mathematics becomes a problem, history becomes a problem, as does chemistry. So the child is educated, from childhood, to live with problems — the problem of God, problem of a dozen things. So our brains are conditioned, trained, educated to live with problems. From childhood we have done this. What happens when a brain is educated in problems? It can never solve problems; it can only create more problems. When a brain that is trained to have problems, and to live with problems, solves one problem, in the very solution of that problem, it creates more problems. From childhood we are trained, educated to live with problems and, therefore, being centred in problems, we can never solve any problem completely. It is only the free brain that is not conditioned to problems that can solve problems. It is one of our constant burdens to have problems all the time. Therefore our brains are never quiet, free to observe, to look. So we are asking: Is it possible not to have a single problem but to face problems? But to understand those problems, and to totally resolve them, the brain must be free.

„Industrial society has made of high school a social system of adolescents…set apart, in an institution of their own.“

—  James Samuel Coleman American sociologist 1926 - 1995

The Adolescent Society (1961), p. 337. New York: Free Press.

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„Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

From the same 24 March 1954 letter as above, p. 44
Attributed in posthumous publications, Albert Einstein: The Human Side (1979)

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