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„Only faith can keep what hope promises.“

—  Adrienne von Speyr Swiss doctor and mystic 1902 - 1967
p. 17

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„Islam does not mean mere faith, but faith plus deeds“

—  Ali cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad 599 - 661
Context: I define Islam for you in a way that nobody dared do it before me. Islam means obedience to Allah, obedience to Allah means having sincere faith in Him, such a faith means to believe in His Power, belief in His Power means recognizing and accepting His Majesty, acceptance of His Majesty means fulfilling the obligations laid down by Him and fulfillment of obligations means actions (Therefore, Islam does not mean mere faith, but faith plus deeds).

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„What I need is to believe in myself again— for my faith has been greatly undermined; it seems to me my role is over.“

—  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Russian composer 1840 - 1893
Letter to a nephew (9 February 1893) Just prior to composing his "Pathetique" Symphony (No. 6)

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„I do no­body harm, I say none harm, I think none harm, but wish everybody good. And if this be not enough to keep a man alive, in good faith, I long not to live.“

—  Thomas More English Renaissance humanist 1478 - 1535
Thomas More's Account, in a letter to his daughter Margaret Roper, of his Second Interrogation

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„The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.“

—  George Müller German-English clergyman 1805 - 1898
Muller is often attributed with a version of this saying, and the quote (with attribution to Muller) appears as early as 1897 in The Churchman https://books.google.com/books?id=cpdOAQAAMAAJ&pg=RA25-PA45&lpg=RA25-PA45&dq=The+beginning+of+anxiety+is+the+end+of+faith,+and+the+beginning+of+true+faith+is+the+end+of+anxiety+%2B+the+churchman&source=bl&ots=3x_wtX82mF&sig=gGHZUKxXWa5BfvRfzeY_F8zA9dM&hl=;however,no source written by Muller can be found to confirm him as having said this.