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„If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have asked.“

—  Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments

Jace to Clary, pg. 187
The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones (2007)

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Cassandra Clare photo
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„If you hear of any incident about me - a fight, a change of clothes, a little extra gel in the hair, don't believe it till you talk to me.“

—  Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer 1974


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„Man invented clothing to cover the superficial and to discover the inside.“

—  Andrzej Majewski Polish writer and photographer 1966

Aphorisms. Magnum in Parvo (2000)

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„Our clothing and our armour ought to be of such a kind that men of mature experience will not say that we have spent too much on them, nor younger men say we have spent too little.“

—  Louis IX of France King of France 1214 - 1270

On se doit assemer en robes et en armes en tel manière que li preudome de cest siècle ne dient que on en face trop, ne les joenes gens de cest siècle ne dient que on en face peu.
Page 171. http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/chroniq/joinv/JV006.htm
Jean de Joinville Livre des saintes paroles et des bons faiz nostre roy saint Looys

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