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„and where men build on false grounds, the more they build, the greater is the ruine:“

—  Thomas Hobbes, book Leviathan

The Second Part, Chapter 26, p. 140
Leviathan (1651)

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„I choose the likely man in preference to the rich man; I want a man without money rather than money without a man.“

—  Themistocles Athenian statesman -524 - -459 BC

As quoted in The Quotable Intellectual (2010) edited by P. Archer, p. 152 http://books.google.com/books?id=QnDvIsNKNIwC

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„A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die is not fit to live.“

—  Martin Luther King, Jr. American clergyman, activist, and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement 1929 - 1968

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„The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche, book Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Variant: The real man wants two different things: danger and play. Therefore he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.
Source: Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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„Politics is a great art. It succeeds at convincing the people that they have to pay for what has been stolen from them.“

—  Andrzej Majewski Polish writer and photographer 1966

Aphorisms. Magnum in Parvo (2000)

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„It is by distortedly exalting some men, that others are distortedly debased, till the whole is out of nature.“

—  Thomas Paine, book Rights of Man

Part 1.3 Rights of Man
1790s, Rights of Man, Part I (1791)

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„A body of men, holding themselves accountable to nobody, ought not to be trusted by any body.“

—  Thomas Paine, book Rights of Man

Part 1.3 Rights of Man
1790s, Rights of Man, Part I (1791)

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„Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.“

—  Martin Luther King, Jr., book Strength to Love

Strength to Love, Chapter 7
1960s, Strength to Love (1963)
Context: The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided man.

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„Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.“

—  George Chapman, All Fools

Act V, scene i.
All Fools (1605)

George Chapman photo
Citát „People cry, not because they are weak. It is because they've been strong for too long.“
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„Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963

Variant: Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.

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„Mansplaining is a sexist term designed to silence men via gender shaming.“

—  Markus Persson Swedish video game programmer 1979

[Hansen, Steven, Minecraft billionaire feels oppressed by women, https://www.destructoid.com/minecraft-billionaire-feels-oppressed-by-women-363094.phtml, 12 November 2017, Destructoid, 2016-05-23]

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„Sir, than robbery, than piracy, than polygamy, slaveholding is worse. More criminal, more injurious to man, and consequently more offensive to God. Slaveholding has been justly designated as the sum of all villainy. Put every crime perpetuated among men into a moral crucible, and dissolve and combine them all, and the resultant amalgam is slaveholding. It has the violence of robbery.“

—  Owen Lovejoy American politician 1811 - 1864

As quoted in His Brother's Blood: Speeches and Writings, 1838–64 https://books.google.com/books?id=qMEv8DNXVbIC&pg=PA192 (2004), edited by William Frederick Moore and Jane Ann Moore, pp. 192–193
1860s, Speech to the U.S. House of Representatives (April 1860)

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„The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.“

—  Stephen Hawking British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author 1942 - 2018

Citát „You are the universe. expressing itself as a human for a little while.“
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„Quiet people have the loudest minds.“

—  Stephen Hawking British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author 1942 - 2018

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„Conscience is the most sacred thing among men.“

—  Napoleon I of France French general, First Consul and later Emperor of the French 1769 - 1821

Napoleon : In His Own Words (1916)
Context: Conscience is the most sacred thing among men. Every man has within him a still small voice, which tells him that nothing on earth can oblige him to believe that which he does not believe. The worst of all tyrannies is that which obliges eighteen-twentieths of a nation to embrace a religion contrary to their beliefs, under penalty of being denied their rights as citizens and of owning property, which, in effect, is the same thing as being without a country.