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„In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.“

—  George Best British footballer 1946 - 2005

Reported in Ned Sherrin, Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations (2008), p. 153.

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„Straight edge means I'm drug free, alcohol free, and better than you.“

—  Phil Brooks American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist 1978

Source: Straight Edge significa che sono libero da droghe, libero dall'alcol e migliore di voi]

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„I am strong. I lived through a divorce, separation from my family. I never let it break me down. I’m not an alcoholic. I’ve never smoked, I’ve never done drugs. I’ve floated through the disaster of my past clean. I arrived here undamaged.“

—  Tina Turner singer, dancer, actress, and author 1939

Tina Turner is a soul survivor http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/141823/Tina-Turner-is-a-soul-survivor, Daily Express, 22th of November 2009

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„The most widely used 'illegal' drug is marijuana, yet, by every measure, it is much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. In my 30 adult years, this gross injustice has turned me very cynical toward the government.“

—  James P. Gray American judge 1945

“Transcript of Judge James P. Gray's Visit to the Drug Policy Forum,” The New York Times, (June 14, 2001) https://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/14/national/transcript-of-judge-james-p-grays-visit-to-the-drug-policy-forum.html

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„I went to rehab [for alcoholism] in wine country, just to keep my options open.“

—  Robin Williams American actor and stand-up comedian 1951 - 2014

Weapons of Self Destruction (2010)

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„…but I'm also a father, a husband and a raging alcoholic…“

—  Josh Homme American musician 1973

" Josh Homme Talks Tour Superstition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=712MM-wF3r8", "O2 Academy" (June 2011)

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„Sending Robert Downey, Jr. to prison for drug use makes no more sense than locking up Betty Ford for using alcohol. Now if it's Darryl Strawberry and he uses drugs while driving, that's a different matter; he should do time.“

—  James P. Gray American judge 1945

As quote in Coast Magazine, Jim Wood, “Interview—Judge James P. Gray—The Newport Beach resident talks about America's War on Drugs” (June 2001) Vol.10 No. 7

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„[He] would know many nights on which he would succumb to women whom a combination of over-eagerness and alcohol would make him think desirable, only to clutch his head in the morning on discovering that he had got into bed with some vast relative of Oliver Hardy's or with some flighty Bela Lugosi look-alike.“

—  Javier Marías, book Tu rostro mañana

Le quedaban por conocer muchas noches en las que sucumbiría a mujeres que su avidez y el alcohol le harían juzgar deseables, para llevarse a la mañana siguiente las manos a la cabeza al descubrir que se había metido en la cama con descomedidas parientes de Oliver Hardy o con casquivanas émulas de Bela Lugosi.
Source: Tu rostro mañana, 1. Fiebre y lanza [Your Face Tomorrow, Vol. 1: Fever and Spear] (2002), p. 59

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