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„The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success“

—  Ian Fleming English author, journalist and naval intelligence officer 1908 - 1964

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Sukavich Rangsitpol photo
Sukavich Rangsitpol photo
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„… exclude the need for appearances: what counts is not appearances; the value of life does not depend on the approval of others or on success, but on what we have inside us.“

—  Papa Francesco 266th Pope of the Catholic Church 1936

As quoted in "Imposition of the Ashes - Homily of pope Francis" at www.vatican.va (5 March 2014) http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/homilies/2014/documents/papa-francesco_20140305_omelia-ceneri_en.html
2010s, 2014

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„You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.“

—  Michael Dell Businessman, CEO 1965

Entrepreneur: Michael Dell https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/197566 (13 October 2012)

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„One minute decides the outcome of a battle, one hour the success of a campaign, one day the fate of empires.“

—  Alexander Suvorov Russian military commander 1730 - 1800

other version: One minute can decide the outcome of the battle, one hour - the outcome of the campaign, and one day - the fate of the country.
"Encyclopedia of Russian History" - Page 1504 by James R. Millar - Soviet Union - 2004.

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„The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

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