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„Look at me, see if I am poor, or my people either. The whites may get me at last, as you say, but I will have good times till then. You are fools to make yourselves slaves to a piece of fat bacon, some hard-tack, and a little sugar and coffee.“

—  Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Lakota medicine man and holy man 1831 - 1890

Also told to Charles Larpenteur at Fort Union in 1867. Published in Utley, Robert M. The Lance and the Shield. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 1993. p. 73.

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„Wake up and smell the coffee
Is your cup half full or empty?“

—  Billie Eilish American singer-songwriter 2001

"Come Out and Play" (20 November 2018) · YouTube audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXFdnHiGwos, co-written with Finneas O'Connell.
Singles (2017 - )

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„Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.“

—  David Lynch American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, musician and occasional actor 1946

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