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„It was not until our rising that all the Greeks were brought into communication. There were men who knew of no place beyond a mile of their own locality.“

—  Theodoros Kolokotronis Greek general 1770 - 1843

Theodoros Kolokotronis' memoirs (1846), quoted in: Jim Potts (2010) The Ionian Islands and Epirus: A Cultural History, p. 176

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„Music… can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.“

—  Leonard Bernstein American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist 1918 - 1990

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„Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.“

—  Hans-Hermann Hoppe Austrian school economist and libertarian anarcho-capitalist philosopher 1949

"Reflections on State and War" (2 December 2006) http://www.lewrockwell.com/hoppe/hoppe17.html

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„When there is a range of opinion in the group, communications tend to be directed towards those members whose opinions are at the extremes of the range.“

—  Leon Festinger American psychologist 1919 - 1989

Leon Festinger and John Thibaut. "Interpersonal communication in small groups." The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 46.1 (1951): 92.

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„First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.“

—  Роберт Фишер American chess prodigy, chess player, and chess writer 1943 - 2008

Press Conference, September 1 1992 http://www.mark-weeks.com/chess/92fs$$.htm

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„I studied Italian five hours a day for many months to ensure I could communicate with the players, media and fans. [Claudio] Ranieri had been in England for five years and still struggled to say ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon.“

—  José Mourinho Portuguese association football player and manager 1963

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„Communism is the final logic of the dehumanization of man.“

—  Fulton J. Sheen Catholic bishop and television presenter 1895 - 1979

Second Series, p. 122
Life Is Worth Living (1951–1957)

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