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„Push your limit to the absolute extreme.“

—  Gordon Ramsay British chef, writer and TV presenter 1966

Citát „Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.“
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„When Bill Gates pours money into Africa for feeding the poor in Africa and preventing famine, he’s pushing the failed Green Revolution, he’s pushing chemicals, pushing GMOs, pushing patterns.“

—  Vandana Shiva Indian philosopher 1952

On Bill Gate's philanthropic activities, from " Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto, Vandana Shiva tells France24 https://www.france24.com/en/20191023-bill-gates-is-continuing-the-work-of-monsanto-vandana-shiva-tells-france-24-1" France24 (23 October 2019)

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„Over the years, I’ve learnt that out of challenge comes opportunity and I know if I hadn’t been tested, I wouldn’t have pushed myself or been able to discover my abilities.“

—  Jane Seymour English-American actress 1951

On meeting the challenges that life brings in “Interview: Jane Seymour on finding love again at 64” https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/film-and-tv/interview-jane-seymour-on-finding-love-again-at-64-1-3911978 in The Scotsman (2015 Oct 10)

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„I don’t know what it is, truthfully, I think part of it is being still and all that. I don’t know. I like to kind of come in at the side door. I like to act like a submarine; just don’t do much and just let it evolve. It’s resisting the urge to push the envelope. It’s very difficult for an actor to avoid, you want to show a bit. But I think the less one shows the better“

—  Anthony Hopkins Welsh stage and television actor 1937

Anthony Hopkins on the secret of his spooky success: ‘I like to act like a submarine’ https://herocomplex.latimes.com/uncategorized/anthony-hopkins-on-the-secret-of-his-spooky-success-i-like-to-act-like-a-submarine/ (February 11, 2010)

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„Use your intellect to guide you, and you will end up putting people off. Rely on your emotions, and you will forever be pushed around. Force your will on others, and you will live in constant tension. There is no getting around it—people are hard to live with.“

—  Natsume Soseki Japanese novelist 1867 - 1916

Chi ni hatarakeba kado ga tatsu. Jō ni saosaseba nagasareru. Iji o tōseba kyūkutsu da. Tokaku ni hito no yo wa suminikui.
草枕 Kusamakura, 1906.
Original: (ja) 智に働けば角が立つ。情に棹させば流される。意地を通せば窮屈だ。兎角に人の世は住みにくい。

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„Revolutions are not push button affairs; rather, they evolve only if there exists a reservoir of hope and grievance that can be galvanized into popular action.“

—  Michael Parenti American academic 1933

1 POLITICS AND ISSUES, Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy, p. 64
Dirty truths (1996), first edition

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