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„I consider myself a line drive hitter with power. I just try to put my best swing on the ball every time.“

—  Albert Pujols Dominican-American baseball player 1980

When asked what type of hitter he would consider himself to be. http://sports.ign.com/articles/709/709384p1.html

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„Tell the your emperor; Where my power has reached, Emperor's dreams can not reach!“

—  Mehmed II Ottoman sultan 1432 - 1481

While Constantinople was besieged, Mehmed's response to the Byzantine ambassador

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„The elections clearly showed me that a suitable Indian candidate has as good a chance as any Englishman, or even some advantages over an Englishman, for there is a general and genuine desire among English electors to give to India any help in their power.“

—  Dadabhai Naoroji Indian politician 1825 - 1917

His statement in Bombay page=11.
Narrow-majority’ and ‘Bow-and-agree’: Public Attitudes Towards the Elections of the First Asian MPs in Britain, Dadabhai Naoroji and Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhownaggree, 1885-1906

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„I did not capture power. I was made to assume power.“

—  Ziaur Rahman President of Bangladesh 1936 - 1981

Ziaur Rahman's speech during a press conference.
[Anthony Mascarenhas, 'Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood', Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1986, 124, 0-340-39420-X]

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„There is only one thing that can form a bond between men, and that is gratitude…we cannot give someone else greater power over us than we have ourselves.“

—  Montesquieu French social commentator and political thinker 1689 - 1755

No. 104. (Usbek writing to Ibben)
Lettres Persanes (Persian Letters, 1721)

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