„Where there is power, there is resistance.“

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Michel Foucault121
French philosopher 1926 - 1984

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„We have come to a point where it is loyalty to resist, and treason to submit.“

—  Carl Schurz Union Army general, politician 1829 - 1906
"State Rights and Byron Paine," Albany Hall, Milwaukee, (23 March 1859)

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„I hate government. I hate power. I think that man's existence, insofar as he achieves anything, is to resist power, to minimize power, to devise systems of society in which power is the least exerted.“

—  Malcolm Muggeridge English journalist, author, media personality, and satirist 1903 - 1900
From a video excerpt of a British TV Interview of Muggeridge with Oswald Mosley, used by Adam Curtis in Part 3 of his 2007 documentary series, "The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom".

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„Islamic Iran will resist … any kind of threat and will give a powerful answer to enemies and oppressors.“

—  Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar Iranian politician 1956
Iran will resist "any threat": defense minister http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSL2329805520070523?src=052307_0815_DOUBLEFEATURE_ May 2007

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„One must give one power a ballast, so to speak, to put it in a position to resist another.“

—  Montesquieu French social commentator and political thinker 1689 - 1755
Book V, Chapter 14.

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„The Quran endeavors to make the weak and the oppressed feel the necessity of daring to defy their oppressors, to resist them and deprive them of their power.“

—  Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah Lebanese faqih 1935 - 2010
The Quran calls on the weak and oppressed to gain strength http://english.bayynat.org/TheHolyQuran/Quran_QuranCalls.htm

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„I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900

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„Generally speaking, punishment makes men hard and cold; it concentrates; it sharpens the feeling of alienation; it strengthens the power of resistance.“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900
Second Essay, Aphorism 14

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„Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.“

—  C.G. Jung Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology 1875 - 1961
P. 97 http://books.google.com/books?id=iGS8q_odsKAC&q=%22Wo+die+Liebe+herrscht+da+gibt+es+keinen+machtwillen+und+wo+die+macht+den+vorrang+hat+da+fehlt+die+Liebe+Das+eine+ist+der+Schatten+des+andern%22&pg=PA97#v=onepage

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„They stood where they stood by the power of the sword.“

—  Thucydides Greek historian and Athenian general 460
Book IV, 4.98-[7]

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