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„[Serafin was] an extraordinary coach, sharp as a vecchio lupo [old wolfe]. He opened a world to me, showed me there was a reason for everything, that even fiorature and trills… have a reason in the composer's mind, that they are the expression of the stato d'animo [state of mind] of the character — that is, the way he feels at the moment, the passing emotions that take hold of him. He would coach us for every little detail, every movement, every word, every breath. One of the things he told me — and this is the basis of bel canto — is never to attack a note from underneath or from above, but always to prepare it in the face. He taught me that pauses are often more important than the music. He explained that there was a rhythm — these are the things you get only from that man! — a measure for the human ear, and that if a note was too long, it was no good after a while. A fermata always must be measured, and if there are two fermate close to one another in the score, you ignore one of them. He taught me the proportions of recitative — how it is elastic, the proportions altering so slightly that only you can understand it…. But in performance he left you on your own. "When I am in the pit, I am there to serve you, because I have to save my performance." he would say. We would look down and feel we had a friend there. He was helping you all the way. He would mouth all the words. If you were not well, he would speed up the tempo, and if you were in top form, he would slow it down to let you breathe, to give you room. He was breathing with you, living the music with you, loving it with you. It was elastic, growing, living.“

—  Maria Callas American-born Greek operatic soprano 1923 - 1977

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„A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
Where do I start?
The past and the chase
You hunted me down
Like a wolf, a predator
I felt like a deer in the lights“

—  Sia (musician) Australian singer 1975

She Wolf (Falling to Pieces), Nothing But the Beat 2.0 (2012). Cowritten with David Guetta, Chris Braide and Giorgio Tuinfort.

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„Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite.“

—  Hayao Miyazaki Japanese animator, film director, and mangaka 1941

Source: もののけ姫 [Mononoke hime]

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„Even the wolf has its moments of weakness, in which it sides with the lamb and thinks: I hope it runs away.“

—  Adolfo Bioy Casares Argentine novelist 1914 - 1999

"El mismo lobo tiene momentos de debilidad, en que se pone del lado del cordero y piensa: Ojalá que huya."
Guirnaldas con amores, 1959.

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„It came into existence because I had to paint it. Any attempt on my part to say something about it, to attempt explanation of the inexplicable, could only destroy it.“

—  Jackson Pollock American artist 1912 - 1956

1947, on his painting 'She wolf'
As quoted in Abstract Expressionism, David Anfam, Thames and Hudson Ltd London, 1990, p. 87

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„I well recall my emotions when I came upon the grave of Beethoven in the Central Friedhof, with its incomparable guard of honor — Mozart, Schubert, Gluck, Brahms, Hugo Wolf and Johann Strauss!“

—  H.L. Mencken American journalist and writer 1880 - 1956

H.L. Mencken : Thirty-five Years of Newspaper Work (1994) , p. 190; this work was written in 1941-1942 but sealed until 1991.

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„When the lambs is lost in the mountain, he said. They is cry. Sometime come the mother. Sometime the wolf.“

—  Cormac McCarthy American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter 1933

Source: Blood Meridian (1985), Chapter V
Source: Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“