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„And empty words are evil.“

—  Homér, The Odyssey (Cowper)

Source: The Odyssey

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„At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.“

—  Marshall B. Rosenberg American psychologist 1934 - 2015

Source: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

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„There are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely.“

—  Bram Stoker, book Dracula

Source: Dracula

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„Humor is almost always anger with its make-up on.“

—  Stephen King, book Bag of Bones

Source: Bag of Bones

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„The greatest remedy for anger is delay.“

—  Thomas Paine English and American political activist 1737 - 1809

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„All things truly wicked start from an innocence.“

—  Ernest Hemingway, book A Moveable Feast

Ch 17; Variant: All things truly wicked start from innocence.
As quoted by R Z Sheppard in review of The Garden of Eden (1986) TIME (26 May 1986)
A Moveable Feast (1964)

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„You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.“

—  Gautama Buddha philosopher, reformer and the founder of Buddhism -563 - -483 BC

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„I am convinced that comics should not only make people laugh. For this in my stories found tears, anger, hatred, pain and end not always happy.“

—  Osamu Tezuka Japanese cartoonist and animator 1928 - 1989

Quoted in Helen McCarthy, Osamu Tezuka: God of manga , translated by Fabio Deotto, Edizioni BD, 2010, back cover.

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„In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.“

—  Michael Jackson American singer, songwriter and dancer 1958 - 2009

Also used at his funeral (3 Sep. 2009) invitation. Quoted in "Dead stars and classic art will surround Michael Jackson " in CNN.com/entertainment (03 July 2009) http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/09/03/michael.jackson.funeral/index.html#cnnSTCOther1

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„The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

Variant: The world is dangerous, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

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„He was one of a lean body and visage, as if his eager soul, biting for anger at the clog of his body, desired to fret a passage through it.“

—  Thomas Fuller English churchman and historian 1608 - 1661

Life of the Duke of Alva (1642). Compare: "A fiery soul, which, working out its way, Fretted the pigmy-body to decay, And o'er-inform'd the tenement of clay", John Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel, part i. line 156.

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„Balthasar of Waldshit has fallen into prison here - a man not merely irreverent and unlearned, but even empty. Learn the sum of the matter. When he came to Zurich our Council fearing lest he should cause a commotion ordered him to be taken into custody. Since, however, he had once in freakishness of disposition and fatuity, lurked out in Waldshut against our Council, of which place he, by the gods, was a guardian [i. e., he has pastor there], until the stupid fellow disunited and destroyed everything, it was determined that I should discuss with him in a friendly manner the baptising of infants and Catabaptists, as he earnestly begged first from prison and afterwards from custody. I met the fellow and rendered him mute as a fish. The next day he recited a recantation in the presence of certain Councillors appointed for the purpose [which recantation when repeated to the Two Hundred it was ordered should be publicly made Therefore having started to write it in the city, he gave it to the Council with his own hand, with all its silliness, as he promised. At length he denied that he had changed his opinion, although he had done so before a Swiss tribunal, which with us is a capital offence, affirming that his signature had been extorted from him by terror, which was most untrue].
The council was so unwilling that force should be used on him that when the Emperor or Ferdinand twice asked that the fellow be given to him it refused the request. Indeed he was not taken prisoner that he might suffer the penalty of his boldness in the baptismal matter, but to prevent his causing in secret some confusion, a thing he delighted to do. Then he angered the Council; for there were present most upright Councillors who had witnessed his most explicit and unconstrained withdrawal, and had refused to hand to him over to the cruelty of the Emperor, helping themselves with my aid. The next day he was thrust back into prison and tortured. It is clear that the man had become a sport for demons, so he recanted not frankly as he had promised, nay he said that he entertained no other opinions than those taught by me, execrated the error and obstinacy of the Catabaptists, repeated this three times when stretched on the racks, and bewailed his misery and the wrath of God which in this affair was so unkind. Behold what wantonness! Than these men there is nothing more foolhardy, deceptive infamous - for I cannot tell you what they devise in Abtzell - and shameless. Tomorrow or next day the case will come up.“

—  Huldrych Zwingli leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland, and founder of the Swiss Reformed Churches 1484 - 1531

Letter to Capito, January 1, 1526 (Staehelin, Briefe ausder Reformationseit, p. 20), ibid, p. 249-250

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„Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.“

—  Thich Nhat Hanh Religious leader and peace activist 1926

Source: The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation

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„Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite.“

—  Aristotle, Rhetoric

Book I, 1369a.5
Variant: All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire
Source: Selected Works

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„Anger is stupid, and stupidity will kill you more surely than your opponent's blade.“

—  Patricia Briggs American writer 1965

Source: Dragon Bones

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„Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.“

—  William Congreve, The Mourning Bride

Act III, scene viii; often paraphrased: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". A similar line occurs in Love's Last Shift, by Colley Cibber, act iv.: "We shall find no fiend in hell can match the fury of a disappointed woman".
The Mourning Bride (1697)
Variant: Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
Context: Vile and ingrate! too late thou shalt repent
The base Injustice thou hast done my Love:
Yes, thou shalt know, spite of thy past Distress,
And all those Ills which thou so long hast mourn'd;
Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.

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„I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by--you can't run and stay mad!“

—  Kathrine Switzer American distance runner 1947

Source: Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports

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„Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.“

—  Dylan Thomas Welsh poet and writer 1914 - 1953

Source: In Country Sleep, and Other Poems

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„In anger we should refrain both from speech and action.“

—  Pythagoras ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher -585 - -495 BC

As quoted in Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, "Pythagoras", Sect. 23–24, as translated in Dictionary of Quotations (1906) by Thomas Benfield Harbottle, p. 370
Original: (el) ἐν ὀργῇ μήτε τι λέγειν μήτε πράσσειν

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„[In the world below…] those who appear to have lived neither well not ill, go to the river Acheron, and mount such conveyances as they can get, and are carried in them to the lake, and there they dwell and are purified of their evil deeds, and suffer the penalty of the wrongs which they have done to others, and are absolved, and receive the rewards of their good deeds according to their deserts. But those who appear to be incurable by reason of the greatness of their crimes—who have committed many and terrible deeds of sacrilege, murders foul and violent, or the like—such are hurled into Tartarus, which is their suitable destiny, and they never come out. Those again who have committed crimes, which, although great, are not unpardonable—who in moment of anger, for example, have done violence to a father or a mother, and have repented for the remainder of their lives, or who have taken the life of another under like extenuating circumstances—these are plunged into Tartarus, the pains of which they are compelled to undergo for a year, but at the end of the year the wave casts them forth—mere homicides by way of Cocytus, patricides and matricides by Pyriphlegethon—and they are borne to the Acherusian Lake, and here they lift up their voices and call upon the victims whom they have slain or wronged, to have pity on them, and to receive them, and to let them come out of the river into the lake. And if they prevail, then they come forth and cease from their troubles; but if not, they are carried back again into Tartarus and from thence into the rivers unceasingly, until they obtain mercy from those whom they have wronged: for this is the sentence inflicted upon them by their judges.“

—  Socrates classical Greek Athenian philosopher -470 - -399 BC

Plato, Phaedo

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„Anger is a gift.“

—  Zack de la Rocha American musician, poet rapper and activist best known as the vocalist and lyricist of rap metal band Rage Against the … 1970

"Freedom" - "borrowed from the african american freedom fighter "Malcolm X".
Song lyrics, Rage Against the Machine (1992)

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„Anger he smiles towering in shiney metallic purple armour,
Queen jealousy envy waits behind him,
Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground.“

—  Jimi Hendrix American musician, singer and songwriter 1942 - 1970

Bold as Love
Song lyrics, Axis: Bold as Love (1967)

„The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.“

—  Barbara De Angelis American psychologist 1951

From Are You the One for Me? (1992)

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„The person who obeys the unique God, will not fear the anger of the creatures of God.“

—  Ali al-Hadi imam 829 - 868

Ibn Shu’ba al-Harrani, Tuhaf al-'Uqul, p. 10.
Religious Wisdom

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„The whole world would have been destroyed if compassion did not put an end to anger.“
Perierat totus orbis, nisi iram finiret misericordia.

—  Marcus Annaeus Seneca Roman scholar -54 - 39 BC

Book I, Chapter I; slightly modified translation from Michael Winterbottom, Declamations of the Elder Seneca (London: Heinemann, 1974) vol. 1 p. 33

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„Anger and desire of vengeance are not going to be of much help to you in your administration.“

—  Ali, book Nahj al-Balagha

Nahj al-Balagha, Letter 53: An order to Malik Al-Ashtar

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„Changing your ways, changing those surrounding you.
Changing your ways, more than any man can do.
Open your heart, show him the anger and pain, so you heal.
Maybe he's looking for his womanly side, let him feel.“

—  Peter Gabriel English singer-songwriter, record producer and humanitarian 1950

Shaking the Tree
Song lyrics, Shaking the Tree (1990)

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„The insight of a man certainly slows down his anger, and it is beauty on his part to pass over transgression.“

—  Solomon king of Israel and the son of David -1011 - -931 BC

Proverbs 19:11, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

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„Christianity is not satisfied with producing merely the specious guise of virtue. She requires the substantial reality, which may stand the scrutinizing eye of that Being “who searches the heart.” Meaning therefore that the Christian should live and breathe; in an atmosphere, as it were, of benevolence, she forbids whatever can tend to obstruct its diffusion or vitiate its purity. It is on this principle that Emulation is forbidden: for, besides that this passion almost insensibly degenerates into envy, and that it derives its origin chiefly from pride and a desire of self-exaltation; how can we easily love our neighbour as ourselves, if we consider him at the same time our rival, and are intent upon surpassing him in the pursuit of whatever is the subject of our competition?
Christianity, again, teaches us not to set our hearts on earthly possessions and earthly honours; and thereby provides for our really loving, or even cordially forgiving, those who have been more successful than ourselves in the attainment of them, or who have even designedly thwarted us in the pursuit. “Let the rich,” says the Apostle, “rejoice in that he is brought low.” How can he who means to attempt, in any degree, to obey this precept, be irreconcilably hostile towards any one who may have been instrumental in his depression?
Christianity also teaches us not to prize human estimation at a very high rate; and thereby provides for the practice of her injunction, to love from the heart those who, justly or unjustly, may have attacked our reputation, and wounded our character. She commands not the shew, but the reality of meekness and gentleness; and by thus taking away the aliment of anger and the fomenters of discord, she provides for the maintenance of peace, and the restoration of good temper among men, when it may have sustained a temporary interruption.
It is another capital excellence of Christianity, that she values moral attainments at a far higher rate than intellectual acquisitions, and proposes to conduct her followers to the heights of virtue rather than of knowledge. On the contrary, most of the false religious systems which have prevailed in the world, have proposed to reward the labour of their votary, by drawing aside the veil which concealed from the vulgar eye their hidden mysteries, and by introducing him to the knowledge of their deeper and more sacred doctrines.“

—  William Wilberforce English politician 1759 - 1833

Source: Real Christianity (1797), p. 257.

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„It is harder to fight against pleasure than against anger.“

—  Heraclitus pre-Socratic Greek philosopher -535

As quoted by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics, Book II (1105a)
Original: (el) χαλεπώτερον ἡδονῇ μάχεσθαι ἢ θυμῷ

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„Be angry, but sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your anger. Anger must be limited and confined, both in race and in time.“

—  Francis Bacon, book Essays

Of Anger
Essays (1625)
Context: To seek to extinguish anger utterly, is but a bravery of the Stoics. We have better oracles: Be angry, but sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your anger. Anger must be limited and confined, both in race and in time.

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„We have to understand the emergency of the situation. Our leadership has failed us. Young people must hold older generations accountable for the mess they have created. We need to get angry, and transform that anger into action.“

—  Greta Thunberg Swedish climate change activist 2003

Twitter post https://twitter.com/Ocasio2018/status/1076890299773976582 (23 December 2018)

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„He has never broken a racket in anger. It would be showing a lack of respect to people who actually have to buy the equipment to play the sport.“

—  Rafael Nadal Spanish tennis player 1986

Uncle Toni Nadal on nephew Rafael. http://nadal-rafael.tripod.com/id9.html

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„I advise you to fear Allah alone, with no partner of associate. I advise you to treat the first Muhâjireen well and acknowledge their seniority. I advise you to treat the Ansār well, and show approval of those among them who do well, and forgive those among them who make mistakes. I advise you to treat the people of the outlying regions well, for they are a shield against the enemy and conduits of fay; do not take anything from them except that which is surplus to their needs. I advise you to treat the people of the desert well, for they are the original Arabs and the protectors of Islam. Take from the surplus of their wealth and give it to their poor. I advise you to treat ahl adh-dhīmmah well, to defend them against their enemies and not burden them with more than they can bear if they fulfill their duties towards the believers or pay the Jizyāh with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. I advise you to fear Allah and fear His wrath, lest you do anything wrong. I advise you to fear Allah with regard to the people, but do not fear the people with regard to Allah. I advise you to treat the people justly, and to devote yourself to looking after them and protecting them against their enemies. Do not show any favour to the rich over the poor. That will be better for your spiritual well being and will help to reduce your burden of sin, and it will be better for your Hereafter, until you meet the One Who knows what is in your heart. I instruct you to be strict with regard to the commands of Allah, His sacred limits and disobedience with all people, both relatives and others. Do not show any mercy to anyone until you have settled the score with him according to his offence. Treat all people as equal, and do not worry about who is as fault or fear the blame of the blamers. Beware of showing favouritism among the believers with regard to the fay that Allah has put you in charge of, lest that lead to injustice. Keep away from that. You are in a position between this world and the Hereafter. If you conduct your affairs justly in this world and refrain from indulgence, that will earn you faith and divine pleasure. I advise you not to let yourself or anyone else do wrong to ahl al-dhimmah. I advise you sincerely to seek thereby the Countenance of Allah and the Hereafter. I have chosen advice for you that I would offer to myself or my son. If you do as I have advised you and follow my instructions, you will have gained a great deal. If you don not accept it or pay attention to it, and do not handle your affairs in the way that pleases Allah, that will be a shortcoming on your part and you will have failed to be sincere, because whims and desires are the same and the cause of sin is Iblīs, who calls man to everything that will lead to his doom. He misguided the generations who came before you and led them to Hell, what a terrible abode. What a bad deal it is for a man to take the enemy of Allah as his friend, who calls him to disobey Allah. Adhere to the truth, strive hard to reach it and admonish yourself. I urge you by Allah to show mercy to the Muslims, honour their elderly, show compassion to their young ones and respect the knowledgeable ones among them. Do not harm them or humiliate them, and do not keep the fay for yourself lest you anger them. Do not deprive them of their stipends when they become due, thus making them poor. Do not keep them away on campaigns for so long that they end up having no children. Do not allow wealth to circulate only among the rich. Do not close your door to the people or allow the strong to oppress the weak. This is my advice to you, as Allah is my witness, and I greet you with peace.“

—  Umar Second Caliph of Rashidun Caliphate and a companion of Muhammad 585 - 644

Umar ibn al-Khattab, Vol. 2, p. 389-390, also quoted in At-Tabqaat ul-Kabir, Vol. 3, p. 339
Last Advise

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„How is it possible to hold such anger against something you don't believe in?“

—  Francine Rivers, book An Echo in the Darkness

Source: An Echo in the Darkness

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„Holding anger is a poison… It eats you from inside… We think that by hating someone we hurt them… But hatred is a curved blade… and the harm we do to others… we also do to ourselves.“

—  Mitch Albom, book The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Variant: Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.
Source: The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2003)

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„Anger - a better alternative to caffeine.“

—  Ilona Andrews American husband-and-wife novelist duo

Source: Magic Rises

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„You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose.“

—  Lou Holtz American college football coach, professional football coach, television sports announcer 1937

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„Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

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„Anger is the prelude to courage.“

—  Eric Hoffer American philosopher 1898 - 1983

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„Anger, intelligence, and wit are ultimately more seductive than zero percent body fat.“

—  Maria Raha American journalist 1972

Source: Cinderella's Big Score: Women of the Punk and Indie Underground

„Anger is the fluid love bleeds when you cut it.“

—  Walter Hooper literary advisor of the estate of C.S. Lewis 1931

Source: C. S. Lewis: A Complete Guide to His Life & Works

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„Anger cannot be dishonest.“

—  Marcus Aurelius, book Meditations

Source: Meditations

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„Patience and time do more than strength or passion.“

—  Jean De La Fontaine French poet, fabulist and writer. 1621 - 1695

Patience et longueur de temps
Font plus que force ni que rage.
Book II (1668), fable 11.
Fables (1668–1679)

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„Studies show that aggressively expressing anger doesn't relieve anger but amplifies it. On the other hand, not expressing anger often allows it to disappear without leaving ugly traces.“

—  Gretchen Rubin American writer 1966

Source: The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun

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„We can shoot rockets into space but we can't cure anger or discontent.“

—  John Steinbeck, book The Winter of Our Discontent

Source: The Winter of Our Discontent

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„So much grief, so much anger. So unlike the usual Adrian.“

—  Richelle Mead, book Last Sacrifice

Source: Last Sacrifice