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„I don't have the guts that Romeo did.“

—  Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer 1974

on marriage

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„Darcy wants to present himself to Elizabeth as a proud gentleman, and he gets from her the message 'your pride is nothing but contemptible arrogance.' After the break in their relationship each discovers, through a series of accidents, the true nature of the other - she the sensitive and tender nature of Darcy, he her real dignity and wit - and the novel ends as it should, with their marriage. The theoretical interest of this story lies in the fact that the failure of their first encounter, the double misrecognition concerning the real nature of the other, functions as a positive condition of the final outcome: we cannot say 'if, from the very beginning, she had recognized his real nature and he hers, their story could have ended at once with their marriage.' Let us take a comical hypothesis that the first encounter of the future lovers was a success - that Elizabeth had accepted Darcy's first proposal. What would happen? Instead of being bound together in true love they would become a vulgar everyday couple, a liaison of an arrogant, rich man and a pretentious, every-minded young girl… If we want to spare ourselves the painful roundabout route through the misrecognition, we miss the truth itself: only the working-through of the misrecognition allows us to accede to the true nature of the other and at the same time to overcome our own deficiency - for Darcy, to free himself of his false pride; for Elizabeth, to get rid of her prejudices.“

—  Slavoj Žižek, book The Sublime Object of Ideology

The Sublime Object of Ideology (1989)

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„Where there is marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.“

—  Benjamin Franklin American author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, a… 1706 - 1790

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„Marriage is the cure of love, and friendship the cure of marriage.“

—  Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield British statesman and man of letters 1694 - 1773

Detached Thoughts http://books.google.com/books?id=vVdSAAAAcAAJ&q=%22Marriage+is+the+cure+of+love+and+friendship+the+cure+of+marriage%22&pg=PA384#v=onepage, first published in Letters and Works of Philip Dormer Stanhope, volume 5 (1847)

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„According to Islamic tradition (sunnah), marriage has been deemed to be an essential requirement. Celibacy has been regarded as a malevolent condition fraught with evils.“

—  Morteza Motahhari Iranian politician 1919 - 1979

Sexual Ethics in Islam and in the Western World, al-islam.org http://www.al-islam.org/sexualethics/,
PDF format http://www.iranchamber.com/personalities/mmotahari/works/sexual_ethics_islam_and_western_world.pdf
Source: Sexual Ethics in Islam and in the Western World, Chapter 1, Sexual Ethics in Islam and in the Western World, Baztab News, 2007/08/10, 2007-08-19 http://en.baztab.com/content/?cid=4132,

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„It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900

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„The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.“

—  Henny Youngman American comedian 1906 - 1998

"Forbes‎" - Vol. 166, Page 156, de Bertie Charles Forbes - Forbes Inc., 2000

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„Goodbye, Livia; remember our marriage!“

—  Augustus founder of Julio-Claudian dynasty and first emperor of the Roman Empire -63 - 14 BC

Said to his wife Livia on his deathbed; in Suetonius, Divus Augustus, paragraph 99. Translation: Robert Graves, 1957.
Original: (la) Livia, nostri coniugii memor vive, ac vale!

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„All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary, but it's simply impossible. The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage. We believe in each other, that's enough for me.“

—  Freddie Mercury British singer, songwriter and record producer 1946 - 1991

On Mary Austin, a long time companion, and the inheritor of most of his estate, as quoted in "For A Song : The Mercury that's rising in rock is Freddie the satiny seductor of Queen" by Fred Hauptfuhrer, in People magazine (5 December 1977) http://www.queenarchives.com/index.php?title=Group_-_12-05-1977_-_People

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