„Life is too short, and Proust is too long.“

Apparently an invention by Maurice Sachs; see discussion in Quotes about Proust.

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Anatole France119
French writer 1844 - 1924

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„Life is too short to spend too long at work and also to waste your time while in the workplace.“

—  Nigel Cumberland British author and leadership coach 1967

Source: Your Job-Hunt Ltd – Advice from an Award-Winning Asian Headhunter (2003), Successful Recruitment in a Week (2012) https://books.google.ae/books?idp24GkAsgjGEC&printsecfrontcover&dqnigel+cumberland&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwjF75Xw0IHNAhULLcAKHazACBMQ6AEIGjAA#vonepage&qnigel%20cumberland&ffalse, Managing Teams in a Week (2013) https://books.google.ae/books?idqZjO9_ov74EC&printsecfrontcover&dqnigel+cumberland&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwjF75Xw0IHNAhULLcAKHazACBMQ6AEIIDAB#vonepage&qnigel%20cumberland&ffalse, Secrets of Success at Work – 50 techniques to excel (2014) https://books.google.ae/books?id4S7vAgAAQBAJ&printsecfrontcover&dqnigel+cumberland&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwjF75Xw0IHNAhULLcAKHazACBMQ6AEIJjAC#vonepage&qnigel%20cumberland&ffalse, p.36

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„Life is too short, or too long, for me to allot myself the luxury of living it so badly.“

—  Paulo Coelho, book Eleven Minutes

Variant: Life is too short, or too long, for me to allow myself the luxury of living it so badly.
Source: Eleven Minutes

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„Life's too short to be bitter, I'm too short to be bitter.“

—  Madonna American singer, songwriter, and actress 1958


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„Life is too short to be little.“

—  Benjamin Disraeli British Conservative politician, writer, aristocrat and Prime Minister 1804 - 1881

Source: Coningsby, or, The New Generation

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„Life's too short for chess.“

—  Henry James American novelist, short story author, and literary critic 1843 - 1916

Henry James Byron, Our Boys (1875), Act I

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„Life's too short. Start with Dessert!“

—  Barbra Streisand American singer, actress, writer, film producer, and director 1942

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„Life is too short to be lived badly.“

—  Marjane Satrapi Artist 1969

Source: Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return

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„Life is too short to learn German“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900

„Life is too short for non-WOW projects.“

—  Tom Peters American writer on business management practices 1942

Source: The Project 50 (Re-Inventing Work Series) (1999), p. 97.

„Life is too short to live with any but the greatest books.“

—  Leo Strauss Classical philosophy specialist and father of neoconservativism 1899 - 1973

“What is liberal education,” p. 6
Liberalism Ancient and Modern (1968)

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„Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream.“

—  Hugh Hefner American businessman and magazine publisher 1926 - 2017

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Citát „Life is too short to read a bad book.“
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„Life is too short to read a bad book.“

—  James Joyce Irish novelist and poet 1882 - 1941

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„I’m totally not kidding. … Life is too short. This is all too hard to do to actually be kidding about the whole thing.“

—  Miranda July American performance artist, musician and writer 1974

As quoted in "Miranda July Is Totally Not Kidding" by Katrina Onstad, in The New York Times (14 July 2011)

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„I made up my mind long ago that life was too short to do anything for myself that I could pay others to do for me.“

—  W. Somerset Maugham British playwright, novelist, short story writer 1874 - 1965

"1941", p. 336
A Writer's Notebook (1946)

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„Is not life a hundred times too short for us— to bore ourselves?“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche, book Beyond Good and Evil

Ist das Leben nicht hundert Mal zu kurz, sich in ihm— zu langweilen?
Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter VII, 227

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