„She was saved from prettiness by the intensity of her gaze.“

Source: The Sheltering Sky

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Paul Bowles22
American composer, writer, translator 1910 - 1999

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„O she had not these ways
When all the wild summer was in her gaze.“

—  W.B. Yeats Irish poet and playwright 1865 - 1939

The Folly Of Being Comforted http://poetry.poetryx.com/poems/1623/
In The Seven Woods (1904)
Context: One that is ever kind said yesterday:
'Your well-belovéd's hair has threads of grey,
And little shadows come about her eyes;
Time can but make it easier to be wise
Though now it seems impossible, and so
All that you need is patience.'
Heart cries, 'No,
I have not a crumb of comfort, not a grain.
Time can but make her beauty over again:
Because of that great nobleness of hers
The fire that stirs about her, when she stirs,
Burns but more clearly. O she had not these ways
When all the wild summer was in her gaze.'
O heart! O heart! if she'd but turn her head,
You'd know the folly of being comforted.

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Cassandra Clare photo
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„Her glare was so intense that you completely forgot she was wearing pink.“

—  Eoin Colfer Irish author of children's books 1965

Source: Half-Moon Investigations

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„She held the cup; and he the while
Sat gazing on her playful smile,
As all the wine he wished to sip
Was one kiss from her rosebud lip.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

(8th February 1823) Medallion Wafers: Hercules and Iole
22nd February 1823) Leander and Hero see The Vow of the Peacock (1835
1st March 1823) An Old Man over the Body of his Son see The Vow of the Peacock (1835
The London Literary Gazette, 1823

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„But so fair,
She takes the breath of men away
Who gaze upon her unaware.“

—  Elizabeth Barrett Browning English poet, author 1806 - 1861

Bianca Among the Nightingales http://www.poemhunter.com/p/m/poem.asp?poet=3035&poem=127031, st. 12 (1862).

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