„I was honestly very nervous of Constance Wheatcroft. And I wasn't the only one. Her entire family was afraid of her. Dogs were afraid of her. Bindweed in the hedge would wither as she passed; birds would forget their nesting instincts and fly back to north Africa at the sound of her hideous cries.“

—  Tom Baker

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Tom Baker42
English actor 1934

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„A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that.“

—  Muhammad Arabian religious leader and the founder of Islam 570 - 632

Bukhari 4:538 http://www.sacred-texts.com/isl/bukhari/bh4/bh4_541.htm This is an extraordinary hadith, because following the Sunnah of Muhammad (peace be upon him), prostitutes can be extremely despised figures among most Muslims, yet it expresses the idea that even someone working in one of the most despised of professions, in showing mercy to an animal, can merit the forgiveness of Allah, and the wise.
Sunni Hadith

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„A mother’s traditional role prepared her to love her family by being with the family she loved.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943

Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say (2000)

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„The professional loves her work. She is invested in it wholeheartedly. But she does not forget that the work is not her.“

—  Steven Pressfield United States Marine 1943

Source: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

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