„I thought, “I want to die. I want to die more than ever before. There’s no chance now of a recovery. No matter what sort of thing I do, no matter what I do, it’s sure to be a failure, just a final coating applied to my shame. That dream of going on bicycles to see a waterfall framed in summer leaves—it was not for the likes of me. All that can happen now is that one foul, humiliating sin will be piled on another, and my sufferings will become only the more acute. I want to die. I must die. Living itself is the source of sin.“

The Third Notebook:Part Two
No Longer Human

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Osamu Dazai38
Japanese author 1909 - 1948

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„I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live for ever and ever and ever.“

—  Miguel de Unamuno 19th-20th century Spanish writer and philosopher 1864 - 1936

The Tragic Sense of Life (1913), III : The Hunger of Immortality
Context: Glorious is the risk! — καλος γαρ ο κινδυνος, glorious is the risk that we are able to run of our souls never dying … Faced with this risk, I am presented with arguments designed to eliminate it, arguments demonstrating the absurdity of the belief in the immortality of the soul; but these arguments fail to make any impression on me, for they are reasons and nothing more than reasons, and it is not with reasons that the heart is appeased. I do not want to die — no; I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live for ever and ever and ever. I want this "I" to live — this poor "I" that I am and that I feel myself to be here and now, and therefore the problem of the duration of my soul, of my own soul, tortures me.

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„I don't care when I die, when you die, you die. What I don't want is to die in my bed. To be killed in an accident or to be shot is my preferred way to die.“

—  Ashraf Pahlavi Iranian royal 1919 - 2016

In Bitter American Exile, the Shah's Twin Sister, Ashraf, Defends Their Dynasty (1980)

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„I am God / So much of the divine / is heaped in me / that I cannot die.
My head burns to the point of bursting.
One of the worlds / hidden in it / wants to be born. / But now I must suffer / to bring it forth.“

—  Paul Klee German Swiss painter 1879 - 1940

Quote (1901), # 155, in The Diaries of Paul Klee, translation: Pierre B. Schneider, R. Y. Zachary and Max Knight; publisher, University of California Press, 1964
1895 - 1902

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„I want to live till I die. No more, no less.“

—  Eddie Izzard British stand-up comedian, actor and writer 1962

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„When I die, I don't want my demise to be used as a political rally, and that's what happened yesterday.“

—  Bill O'Reilly American political commentator, television host and writer 1949

Using a Funeral to Make Political Points
The O'Reilly Factor
Fox News
In response to civil rights leader Coretta Scott King's funeral.

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„I can die but once; and it is all one to me, now or another time.“

—  Cornstalk Native American in the American Revolution 1720 - 1777

Speech at Point Pleasant, on his mission to warn the settlers that other Shawnee intended to attack them, just prior to his death (November 1777), as quoted in "Cornstalk, the Shawanee Chief" by Rev. William Henry Foote, in The Southern Literary Messenger Vol. 16, Issue 9, (September 1850) pp. 533-540 http://victorian.fortunecity.com/rothko/420/aniyuntikwalaski/cornstalk.html
Context: When I was a young man and went to war, I thought that might be the last time, and I would return no more. Now I am here among you; you may kill me if you please; I can die but once; and it is all one to me, now or another time.

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„Forward, my brave fellows, forward! Carry me into the fort. If I am to die, I want to die at the head of the column!“

—  Anthony Wayne Continental Army general 1745 - 1796

upon being wounded in the head at Stony Point

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„Please — please don't kill me — I don't want to die. I just want to have my baby.“

—  Sharon Tate actress, victim of murder by Charles Manson followers 1943 - 1969

Court testimony of Virginia Graham as to what her confessed murderer Susan Atkins (aka Sadie Mae Glutz) had said were among her last words (9 August 1969). Atkins said she responded to this with: "Look, bitch, you might as well face it right now, you're going to die, and I don't feel a thing behind it."

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„I just don't want them to change me, if I'm going to die I still want to be me.“

—  Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Variant: They don't own me. If I'm gonna die, I wanna still be me.
Source: The Hunger Games

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