„wash the brush, just beats the devil out of it“

—  Bob Ross

Źródło: The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Vol. 29

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Bob Ross Fotografia
Bob Ross1
1942 - 1995

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„Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine.“

—  Whoopi Goldberg American actress 1955

Źródło: "Whoopi Goldberg in full flight" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/apr/18/whoopi-goldberg-saturday-interview. Interview with Cole Morton, www.theguardian.com. 2009-04-17

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„Now wash out your ears with this.“

—  Paul Harvey American broadcaster 1918 - 2009

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„The Devil's out of fashion.“

—  Dodie Smith, książka I Capture the Castle

Źródło: I Capture the Castle

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„I'de luv to kiss ya but I just washed my hair.“

—  Bette Davis film and television actress from the United States 1908 - 1989

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„Broadway — the great sluice that washes out the dust of the gold-mines of Gotham.“

—  O. Henry American short story writer 1862 - 1910

"From Each According to His Ability"
The Voice of the City (1908)

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„I did my own thinking … I have never given it out to be done by others as one gives out washing.“

—  William Mulock Canadian politician, judge, academic administrator 1843 - 1944

[Sir William Mulock Reviews the Past, The Newmarket Era, Newmarket, Ontario, 1-2, 6 April 1934, http://news.ourontario.ca/newmarket/1128276/data]

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