„Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn's my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend.“

Song Body Electric

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American singer-songwriter 1985

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„I want to be the new Marilyn Monroe and find my own Clark Gable.“

—  Anna Nicole Smith American model, actress, and television personality 1967 - 2007

Cited in: Rita Cosby (2007) Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death. p. 131

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„My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.“

—  Boris Johnson British politician, historian and journalist 1964

"You ask the questions", The Independent, 17 June 2004, p. 7.
Asked "Admit it: you want to become prime minister, don't you?" by Amanda Findlay of Bolton.
2000s, 2004

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„Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is truth.“

—  Isaac Newton British physicist and mathematician and founder of modern classical physics 1643 - 1727

These are notes in Latin that Newton wrote to himself that he titled: Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae [Certain Philosophical Questions] (c. 1664)
Variant translations: Plato is my friend, Aristotle is my friend, but my best friend is truth.
Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — truth is a greater friend.
This is a variation on a much older adage, which Roger Bacon attributed to Aristotle: Amicus Plato sed magis amica veritas. Bacon was perhaps paraphrasing a statement in the Nicomachean Ethics: Where both are friends, it is right to prefer truth.
Original: (la) Amicus Plato — amicus Aristoteles — magis amica veritas

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„My old daddy used to say "kill the closest snake first."“

—  John Dingell American politician 1926 - 2019

PBS Online NewsHour, August 18, 2003. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/science/july-dec03/grid_8-18.html

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„Reality to me is a home, my kids, best friends and only then a career and the limelight. I never thought like Marilyn Monroe that I was washed up when I was 35.“

—  Yvonne De Carlo Canadian-American actress, dancer, and singer 1922 - 2007

Source: As quoted in "A girl no longer, but . . . De Carlo's a beauty still" (1975)

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Rodney Dangerfield photo

„What a childhood I had. My mother never breast-fed me. She said she liked me as a friend.“

—  Rodney Dangerfield American actor and comedian 1921 - 2004

Source: It's Not Easy Bein' Me: A Lifetime of No Respect But Plenty of Sex and Drugs (2004), p. 19

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„My friends are my "estate."“

—  Emily Dickinson American poet 1830 - 1886

Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.
Letter to Samuel Bowles (August 1858 or 1859), letter #193 of The Letters of Emily Dickinson (1958), edited Thomas H. Johnson, associate editor Theodora Ward
Variant: My friends are my "estate." Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.

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„Breathing my mother in,
Breathing my beloved in“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

Song lyrics, Never for Ever (1980)
Context: Breathing my mother in,
Breathing my beloved in,
Breathing her nicotine,
Breathing the fall-out in,
Out in, out in, out in, out in.

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„It was my mother.“

—  Sarah Dessen, book Dreamland

Dreamland (2000)

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„I don't think I'll ever find anyone I'll love as much as I loved Elvis. It's pointless trying to compare him to anyone. Yes, some men I've been with have mattered to me, but Elvis was my first love, he'll be my last.“

—  Priscilla Presley actress and businesswoman from the United States and former wife of Elvis Presley 1945

On Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley is a hard act to follow for ex-wife Priscilla http://movies.ndtv.com/music/elvis-presley-is-a-hard-act-to-follow-for-ex-wife-priscilla-271404 24 September, 2012

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