„Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is truth.“

These are notes in Latin that Newton wrote to himself that he titled: Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae [Certain Philosophical Questions] (c. 1664)
Variant translations: Plato is my friend, Aristotle is my friend, but my best friend is truth.
Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — truth is a greater friend.
This is a variation on a much older adage, which Roger Bacon attributed to Aristotle: Amicus Plato sed magis amica veritas. Bacon was perhaps paraphrasing a statement in the Nicomachean Ethics: Where both are friends, it is right to prefer truth.
Original: (la) Amicus Plato — amicus Aristoteles — magis amica veritas

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Isaac Newton171
British physicist and mathematician and founder of modern c… 1643 - 1727

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„Paper is my best friend and paper seller is my worst friend!“

—  Javad Alizadeh cartoonist, journalist and humorist 1953

Quoted in Humor & Caricature (April 1995), p. 3

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„Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends“

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„My friends are my "estate."“

—  Emily Dickinson American poet 1830 - 1886

Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.
Letter to Samuel Bowles (August 1858 or 1859), letter #193 of The Letters of Emily Dickinson (1958), edited Thomas H. Johnson, associate editor Theodora Ward
Variant: My friends are my "estate." Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.

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„The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so that makes Google my best friend.“

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„You’re my best friend, Shmuel,’ he said. ‘My best friend for life.“

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„Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend. I am ready to go. And John, it will not be long.“

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Dedication to the Enigma Variations (1899).

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