„I speak what appears to me the general opinion; and where an opinion is general, it is usually correct.“

Mansfield Park (1814)
Works, Mansfield Park

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Jane Austen476
English novelist 1775 - 1817

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„I have in general no very exalted opinion of the virtue of paper government.“

—  Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish statesman 1729 - 1797

Second Speech on Conciliation with America (1775)

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„A constitutional statesman is in general a man of common opinions and uncommon abilities.“

—  Walter Bagehot British journalist, businessman, and essayist 1826 - 1877

Sir Robert Peel
Biographical Studies (1907)

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„Men of integrity are generally pretty obstinate in adhering to an opinion once adopted.“

—  William Cobbett English pamphleteer, farmer and journalist 1763 - 1835

Source: Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine (1796), P. 23.

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„It is almost impossible to have a baseless snobbish opinion of the General Theory of Relativity.“

—  Michael Moorcock English writer, editor, critic 1939

Fantastic Metropolis, Christmas Editorial (http://www.fantasticmetropolis.com/i/20011209/3/)

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„We must not always judge of the generality of the opinion by the noise of the acclamation.“

—  Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish statesman 1729 - 1797

No. 1
Letters On a Regicide Peace (1796)

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„I am entitled to say of that opinion what any discriminating reader must think of it — that it was as foggy as the statute the Attorney General was asked to interpret.“

—  Robert H. Jackson American judge 1892 - 1954

Reviewing a position that Jackson had taken as Attorney General, which he now felt should be overruled. McGrath v. Kristensen, 340 U.S. 162, 176 (1950) (concurring)
Judicial opinions

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„At last I will devote myself sincerely and without reservation to the general demolition of my opinions.“

—  René Descartes French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist 1596 - 1650

Source: Discourse on Method

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„Courage is the main quality of leadership, in my opinion, no matter where it is exercised. Usually it implies some risk — especially in new undertakings.“

—  Walt Disney American film producer and businessman 1901 - 1966

As quoted in The Magic of Teamwork (1997) by Pat Williams <!-- also quoted in The Disney Way Fieldbook (2000) by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, Act III : Dare, p. 147 -->
Context: Courage is the main quality of leadership, in my opinion, no matter where it is exercised. Usually it implies some risk — especially in new undertakings. Courage to initiate something and to keep it going, pioneering an adventurous spirit to blaze new ways, often, in our land of opportunity.

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„This argument too shows that in truth we know nothing about anything, but every man shares the generally prevailing opinion.“

—  Democritus Ancient Greek philosopher, pupil of Leucippus, founder of the atomic theory

Source Book in Ancient Philosophy (1907), The Fragments

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„The truth is, the generality of mankind stand in awe of public opinion, while conscience is feared only by the few.“

—  Pliny the Younger Roman writer 61 - 113

Letter 20, 9.
Letters, Book III
Original: (la) Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verentur.

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