„Pay For Soup/Build A Fort/Set That On Fire“

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Jean-Michel Basquiat7
American artist 1960 - 1988

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„Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.“

—  Terry Pratchett, book Jingo

Variant: Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.
Source: Jingo

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„To set a forest on fire, you light a match. To set a character on fire, you put him in conflict.“

—  James N. Frey American writer 1943

Source: How to Write a Damn Good Novel: A Step-by-Step No Nonsense Guide to Dramatic Storytelling

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„Harry Dresden: The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault.“

—  Jim Butcher, book Blood Rites

Source: The Dresden Files, Blood Rites (2004), Chapter 1, Opening Line

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Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. photo

„Eloquence may set fire to reason.“

—  Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. United States Supreme Court justice 1841 - 1935

Gitlow v. People of New York, 268 U.S. 652 (1925) (dissenting).

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„I must feel the fire of my soul so my intellectual blues can set others on fire.“

—  Cornel West African-American philosopher and political/civil rights activist 1953

Source: Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir

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„Soup is never eaten as hot as it is cooked.“

—  Heinrich Müller German police official and head of the Gestapo 1900 - 1945

Quoted in "The SS, Alibi of a Nation, 1922-1945" - Page 33 - by Gerald Reitlinger - History - 1989

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„You cannot build a product that appeals to a diverse set of people without having a diverse set of people designing the product.“

—  Steve Huffman American businessman 1983

Business Insider: "After a huge user revolt, nobody wanted to work at Reddit. 3 years later, the CEO explains how the 'front page of the internet' rebuilt the team." https://www.businessinsider.com/how-reddit-hired-engineers-after-revolt-ceo-steve-huffman-interview-2018-9 (9 September 2018)

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„Isabelle: Do you want some soup?
Jace: No
Isabelle: Do you think Hodge will want some soup?
Jace: No one wants soup
Simon: I want some soup!
Jace: No, you don't. You just want to sleep with Isabelle“

—  Cassandra Clare, book City of Bones

Variant: Do you want any soup?"
"No," said Jace.
"Do you think Hodge will want any soup?"
"No one wants any soup."
"want some soup," Simon said.
"No you dont," said Jace. "You just want to sleep with Isabelle.
Source: City of Bones

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„Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.“

—  Fred Shero Former ice hockey player and coach 1925 - 1990

Walking Together Forever: The Broad Street Bullies, Then and Now
31 &32
Sports Publishing L.L.C.

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