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George Eliot

Data urodzenia: 22. Listopad 1819
Data zgonu: 22. Grudzień 1880
Natępne imiona: Marian Evans

George Eliot, właśc. Mary Ann Evans

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„Niech będzie błogosławiony człowiek, który nie mając nic do powiedzenia powstrzymuje się od ubrania tego faktu w słowa.“

—  George Eliot

Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving in words evidence of the fact. (ang.)
Źródło: Impressions of Theophrastus Such, 1879

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„A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.“

—  George Eliot

Thiis was published without credit in The Best Loved Poems of the American People (1936) with the title "Friendship", and since that time has sometimes been misattributed to Eliot; it is actually an adaptation of lines by Dinah Craik, in A Life for a Life (1859):
Kontekst: Oh, the comfort —
the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person —
having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
but pouring them all right out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together;
certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.

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