„In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued - they may be essential to survival.“

Noam Chomsky photo
Noam Chomsky37
linguiste et philosophe américain 1928

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George Orwell photo

„Since pacifists have more freedom of action in countries where traces of democracy survive, pacifism can act more effectively against democracy than for it. Objectively the pacifist is pro-Nazi.“

—  George Orwell English author and journalist 1903 - 1950

"No, Not One," The Adelphi (October 1941)
See his later thoughts on this statement below from "As I Please," Tribune (8 December 1944)

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Norodom Ranariddh photo
John Allen Fraser photo
W. Somerset Maugham photo
Ai Weiwei photo

„Freedom of expression is a very essential condition for me to make any art. Also, it is an essential value for my life. I have to protect this right and also to fight for the possibility.“

—  Ai Weiwei Chinese concept artist 1957

" Artist Ai Weiwei: China Crushes Dissenting Voices http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/06/11/artist-ai-weiwei-china-crushes-dissenting-voices/.," in: Fox News, June 11, 2012.
2010-, 2012

Alfred de Zayas photo
Kurt Lewin photo
Nicolas Sarkozy photo
Rudolph Rummel photo
Benito Juárez photo

„Democracy is the destiny of humanity; freedom its indestructible arm.“

—  Benito Juárez President of Mexico during XIX century 1806 - 1872

As quoted by US President John F. Kennedy in a speech. (29 June 1962)

Dwight D. Eisenhower photo

„Democracy is essentially a political system that recognizes the equality of humans before the law.“

—  Dwight D. Eisenhower American general and politician, 34th president of the United States (in office from 1953 to 1961) 1890 - 1969

Address to Constituent Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil http://www.eisenhower.archives.gov/education/bsa/citizenship_merit_badge/eisenhower_citizenship_quotations.pdf (8 August 1946)

George W. Bush photo
Nanabhoy Palkhivala photo
Noam Chomsky photo

„The more there is a need to talk about the ideals of democracy, the less democratic the system usually is.“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928

Chomsky on Miseducation, 1999 http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~rgibson/rouge_forum/newspaper/fall2001/Chomsky.htm.
Quotes 1990s, 1995-1999
Contexte: Because they don't teach the truth about the world, schools have to rely on beating students over the head with propaganda about democracy. If schools were, in reality, democratic, there would be no need to bombard students with platitudes about democracy. They would simply act and behave democratically, and we know this does not happen. The more there is a need to talk about the ideals of democracy, the less democratic the system usually is.

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James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce photo
Nick Griffin photo

„Western values, freedom of speech, democracy and rights for women are incompatible with Islam, which is a cancer eating away at our freedoms and our democracy and rights for our women and something needs to be done about it.“

—  Nick Griffin British politician 1959

"BNP's Griffin: Islam is a cancer", by Cathy Newman, Channel 4 News (9 July 2009) http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/politics/domestic_politics/bnpaposs+griffin+islam+is+a+cancer/3257872.html

Franklin D. Roosevelt photo

„No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of its minorities.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945

Letter http://books.google.com/books?id=MyfeAwAAQBAJ&q=%22No+democracy+can+long+survive+which+does+not+accept+as+fundamental+to+its+very+existence+the+recognition+of+the+rights+of+its+minorities%22&pg=PA401#v=onepage to Walter Francis White, president of the NAACP (25 June 1938)

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