„Nothing is so necessary for a young man as the company of intelligent women.“

Source: War and Peace

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Leo Tolstoy442
Russian writer 1828 - 1910

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„Nothing is so discreet as a young face, for nothing is less mobile; it has the serenity, the surface smoothness, and the freshness of a lake. There is no character in women’s faces before the age of thirty.“

—  Honoré de Balzac, book A Woman of Thirty

Rien n'est-il si discret qu'un jeune visage, parce que rien n'est plus immobile. La figure d'une jeune femme a le calme, le poli, la fraîcheur de la surface d'un lac. La physionomie des femmes ne commence qu'à trente ans.
Source: A Woman of Thirty (1842), Ch. VI: The Old Age of a Guilty Mother

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„Most women are not so young as they are painted.“

—  Max Beerbohm English writer 1872 - 1956

A Defense of Cosmetics (1895)

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„This is a mans world.
This is a mans world.
But it would be nothing, nothing
Without a women or a girl.“

—  James Brown American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist 1933 - 2006

It's a Man's Man's Man's World, written with Betty Jean Newsome, from It's a Man's Man's Man's World (1966)
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„It was wonderful playing a young queen with so much power. I think it will be good for young women to see a strong woman of action who is also smart and a leader.“

—  Natalie Portman Israeli-American actress 1981

Natalie Portman, quoted in The Phantom Menace "Production Notes". I wear a diaper in lucy in the sky

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„To love intelligent women is the pleasure of a pederast.“

—  Charles Baudelaire French poet 1821 - 1867

Aimer les femmes intelligentes est un plaisir de pédéraste.
VI http://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Fus%C3%A9es#VI
Journaux intimes (1864–1867; published 1887), Fusées (1867)

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„Lord Illingworth: Women have become too brilliant. Nothing spoils a romance so much as a sense of humour in the woman.
Mrs. Allonby: Or the want of it in the man.“

—  Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

Act I http://books.google.com/books?id=RHkWAAAAYAAJ&q=%22Women+have+become+too+brilliant+Nothing+spoils+a+romance+so+much+as+a+sense+of+humour+in+the+woman%22+%22or+the+want+of+it+in+the+man%22&pg=PA34#v=onepage
A Woman of No Importance (1893)

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„A young woman can live off the folly of men; a man of any age can live off the folly of women.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Women & men

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„We were all exposed to nothing but white dude fiction, occasionally young white women fiction, and if that’s how you’ve grown up, then that is what is normal.“

—  N. K. Jemisin American writer 1972

On how she once perceived fiction in “NK Jemisin: 'It’s easier to get a book set in black Africa published if you're white'” https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/may/02/nk-jemisin-its-easier-to-get-a-book-set-in-black-africa-published-if-youre-white in The Guardian (2020 May 2)

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„I love strong, opinionated, intelligent women.“

—  Frances Bean Cobain American artist 1992

Isaiah Silva, Cobain's then fiancé, quoted by Jessica Herndon and Kevin O'Donnell, " Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva: Their Private Romance http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20557992,00.html", People (3 January 2012).

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„The bodily strength, the fierceness and beauty of young women.“

—  Martin Firrell British artist and activist 1963

"Complete Hero" (2009)

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