„The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.“

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American author and poet 1928 - 2014

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„Reaching out for that hand to hold.
Reaching out for the Star.
Reaching out for the Star that explodes.
Reaching out for Mama.“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

Song lyrics, The Sensual World (1989)

„When wisdom reaches the pinnacle of perfection, it will suppress the vicious instincts and injurious desires.“

—  Ali cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad 601 - 661

Majlisi, Bihārul Anwār, vol. 78, p. 6
Regarding Knowledge & Wisdom, Religious

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„The end toward which sex points is gratification and relaxation, whereas eros is a desiring, longing, a forever reaching out, seeking to expand.“

—  Rollo May, book Love and Will

Source: Love and Will (1969), Ch. 3 : Eros in Conflict with Sex, p. 73
Context: Sex can be defined fairly adequately in physiological terms as consisting of the building up of bodily tensions and their release. Eros, in contrast, is the experiencing of the personal intentions and meaning of the act. Whereas sex is a rhythm of stimulus and response, eros is a state of being. The pleasure of sex is described by Freud and others as the reduction of tension; in eros, on the contrary, we wish not to be released from the excitement but rather to hang on to it, to bask in it, and even to increase it. The end toward which sex points is gratification and relaxation, whereas eros is a desiring, longing, a forever reaching out, seeking to expand.

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„The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.“

—  Lin Yutang Chinese writer 1895 - 1976

As quoted in Remarks of Famous People (1965) by Jacob Morton Braude, p. 23

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„Reaching out to me with your hands and feeling my fingers, i whisper on your lips my infinite desire of you.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

Original: Raggiungendomi con le tue mani ed avvertendo le mie dita, sussurro sulle tue labbra la mia infinita voglia di te.
Source: prevale.net

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„Reach for the stars and even if you miss you will land among the stars“

—  Wendy Mass American children's writer 1967

Source: Jeremy Finl & the Meaning of Life

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„What are we doing here? We're reaching for the stars.“

—  Christa McAuliffe American educator and astronaut 1948 - 1986

"Christa McAuliffe 1948-1986" in TIME magazine (10 February 1986) http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,960597,00.html

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„Any ape can reach for a banana, but only a human can reach for the stars or even know what that means.“

—  V.S. Ramachandran Neuroscientist 1951

"VS Ramachandran: The Sherlock Holmes Of Neuroscience," (Swarajaya, April 4, 2017) https://swarajyamag.com/magazine/any-ape-can-reach-for-a-banana-but-only-a-human-can-reach-for-the-stars

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„Human progress having reached a high level through respect for the liberty and dignity of men, it has become desirable to re-affirm these evident truths:“

—  Will Durant American historian, philosopher and writer 1885 - 1981

That differences of race, color, and creed are natural, and that diverse groups, institutions, and ideas are stimulating factors in the development of man;
That to promote harmony in diversity is a responsible task of religion and statesmanship;
That since no individual can express the whole truth, it is essential to treat with understanding and good will those whose views differ from our own;
That by the testimony of history intolerance is the door to violence, brutality and dictatorship; and
That the realization of human interdependence and solidarity is the best guard of civilization.
Declaration of INTERdependence (1945)

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