„I learned the real meaning of love. Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that's love, even if it doesn't seem very exciting.“

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Sylvester Stallone8
American actor, screenwriter, and film director 1946

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„I love my dog as much as I love you
But you may fade, my dog will always come through.“

—  Cat Stevens British singer-songwriter 1948

I Love My Dog (1966), his first single, later included on Matthew and Son (1967)
Song lyrics

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„I'm a-gonna tell you how it's gonna be,
You're gonna give your love to me.
I wanna love you night and day,
You know my love a-not fade away.
A-well, you know my love a-not fade away.“

—  Buddy Holly American singer-songwriter 1936 - 1959

Not Fade Away, written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty
Song lyrics, The "Chirping" Crickets (1957)

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„Love fades. Mine has.“

—  Richelle Mead, book Spirit Bound

Variant: I've given up on you... Love fades. Mine has.
Source: Spirit Bound

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„Love's a danger that quickly fades.“

—  Chairil Anwar Indonesian poet 1922 - 1949

"Tuti Artic" ["Tuti's Ice Cream"] (1947), p. 125
Original: (id) Cinta adalah bahaya yang lekas jadi pudar.

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„p>Can you help me
Can you let me go
And can you still love me
When you can't see me anymore? The fire fades away.</p“

—  KT Tunstall Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist 1975

"Other Side of the World".
Eye to the Telescope (2004)

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„I stared at her for many months in my life with a never fading love and with a interest that never diminished.“

—  Hendrik Willem Mesdag painter from the Northern Netherlands 1831 - 1915

translation from original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek

(original Dutch: citaat van Hendrik Willem Mesdag, in het Nederlands:) Maanden van mijn leven heb ik haar aangestaard, met nooit verflauwende liefde en nooit verminderde belangstelling.

Quote of Mesdag, as cited by J. Poort in Artiste peintre à La Haye, Wassenaar 1981, p. 66
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„Everyone always wants to know how you can tell when it's true love, and the answer is this: when the pain doesn't fade and the scars don't heal, and it's too damned late.“

—  Jonathan Tropper American writer 1970

Source: The Book of Joe (2005), 2014-January-15 http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/The_Book_of_Joe.html?id=_T5MCwAL4owC,

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