„Spring is the time of plans and projects.“

Source: Anna Karenina

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Leo Tolstoy442
Russian writer 1828 - 1910

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„It is not reasonable for each government to come with a new plan every five years, and disregard previous programmes, particularly as no government will ever have the time, during a single mandate, to fully implement its project.“

—  Mohammed VI of Morocco King of Morocco 1963

Original French: En effet, il n'est pas raisonnable que tous les cinq ans, chaque nouveau gouvernement arrive avec un nouveau plan, faisant l'impasse sur les plans antérieurs, alors qu'il ne pourra pas exécuter le sien intégralement, au vu de la courte durée de son mandat.
Televised Speech 20 August 2013 http://www.maroc.ma/en/royal-speeches/speech-his-majesty-king-nation-occasion-60th-anniversary-revolution-king-and-people

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„I waited for the right project for the right time and it just came together.“

—  Aaliyah American singer, actress and model 1979 - 2001

CBS interview (2000)

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„How does a project get to be a year late? … One day at a time.“

—  Fred Brooks American computer scientist 1931

Page 153 (italics and ellipsis in source).
The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering (1975, 1995)

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„All this could be part of a plan. But it’s some plan, isn’t it?; With mass destruction, pitiless extermination and annihilation going on all the time.“

—  Christopher Hitchens British American author and journalist 1949 - 2011

"The Great God Debate", Christopher Hitchens vs. David Wolpe, 23/03/2010 http://youtube.com/watch?v=LzAxygPNRQE?t=15m5s
2010s, 2010

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„My times be in thy hand!
Perfect the cup as planned!“

—  Robert Browning, Rabbi ben Ezra

Source: Dramatis Personae (1864), Rabbi Ben Ezra, Line 187.
Context: So, take, and use thy work:
Amend what flaws may lurk,
What strain o' the stuff, what warpings past the aim!
My times be in thy hand!
Perfect the cup as planned!
Let age approve of youth, and death complete the same!

„At the end of the season of sorrows comes the time of rejoicing. Spring, like a well-oiled clock, noiselessly indicates this time.“

—  Roger Zelazny American speculative fiction writer 1937 - 1995

First lines of Zelazny's first published short story, Passion Play (1962)

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„I take responsibility for ending starvation within twenty years. The Hunger Project is not about solutions. It's not about fixing up the project. It's not about anybody's good idea. The Hunger Project is about creating a context - creating the end of hunger as an idea whose time has come.“

—  Werner Erhard Critical Thinker and Author 1935

Quote from 1977, re: The Hunger Project
[178, Larson's Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality, Bob Larson, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2004, 084236417X]

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„No plan of battle survives contact with the enemy, and time is the ultimate opponent.“

—  Charles Stross, book Rule 34

Source: Rule 34 (2011), Chapter 1, “Liz: Red Pill, Blue Pill” (p. 16)

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„No plan can prevent a stupid person from doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time - but a good plan should keep a concentration from forming.“

—  Charles Erwin Wilson American secretary of Defence 1890 - 1961

Charles E. Wilson, quoted in: Louis E. Boone, ‎David L. Kurtz (1987), Management, p. 100

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„To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.“

—  Leonard Bernstein American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist 1918 - 1990

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„Never plan for victory and defeat in your mind at the same time.“

—  Lewis Pugh Environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer 1969

p 189
21 Yaks And A Speedo (2013)

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