„The philosophy of friendship has definitely paid off, because after all the highs and lows we’re still sticking together and we haven’t lost the passion for what we’re doing. In the Seventies, there were few changes, then we had this line-up with Herman [Rarebell] and Francis [Buchholz] for almost twenty years.“

Adopted from Wikiquote. Last update Aug. 25, 2021. History
Klaus Meine photo
Klaus Meine4
German singer 1948

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Dave Eggers photo

„What are we allowed to do when we’re looking for things we’re required to do?“

—  Dave Eggers memoirist, novelist, short story writer, editor, publisher 1970

You Shall Know Our Velocity! (2002)

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez photo

„Millennials and people, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that will come after us are looking up and we’re like: The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?“

—  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez American politician 1989

“World is going to end in 12 years” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHk8nn0nw18&t=9s (21 January 2019) interview by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Twitter Quotes (2019), January 2019

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„That day may come. But I’m not seeing it coming soon. We are still strong enough; we’re still popular; I think we are doing the right things.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete Tanzanian politician and president 1950

When asked if the Opposition wins the elections.
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04 http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d8a07e28-72a3-11dc-b7ff-0000779fd2ac.html?nclick_check1/

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„We’re still a mission diocese and we have missionary needs.“

—  Chad Zielinski Catholic bishop in the United States 1964

Fairbanks bishop hopes move will help priest shortage https://cruxnow.com/church-in-the-usa/2019/11/fairbanks-bishop-hopes-move-will-help-priest-shortage/ (November 12, 2019)

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„Things could have been even worse. This week, we managed to avoid driving off a cliff. But we’re still on the road to nowhere.“

—  Paul Krugman American economist 1953

Regarding the last-minute deal that ended the 2013 U.S. government shutdown just before the U.S. defaulted on its debt
[Paul Krugman, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/18/opinion/krugman-the-damage-done.html?ref=opinion&_r=1&, The Damage Done, New York Times, October 18, 2013, October 18, 2013]
The New York Times Columns

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„We’re in the midst of horrendous danger, and it’s unfolding before our eyes, and still we are not acting. And the reason we’re not acting is big money and big companies, and it’s complete dishonesty“

—  Jeffrey D. Sachs American economist 1954

Climate, Welfare..., Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 15 October, 2018 http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s4892252.htm
Context: A wonderful chemist, Svante Arrhenius, in 1896, explained, actually, how things would unfold as CO2 rose in the atmosphere. The quantum mechanics have been understood, the basic dynamics have been understood, for many, many decades. One of my colleagues testified in US Congress, almost got it to precision, what would happen over the next 30 years. The fact of the matter is, now we’re in it. We’re in the midst of horrendous danger, and it’s unfolding before our eyes, and still we are not acting. And the reason we’re not acting is big money and big companies, and it’s complete dishonesty. And I would add your Mr Rupert Murdoch, who has made a mess of the media all over the world, by propounding nonsense in the tabloids and our Fox News, in the Wall Street Journal, telling lies at the service of the oil industry

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„We’re still humans after all. Some percentage of us are always going to be assholes.“

—  Daniel Abraham speculative fiction writer from the United States 1969

Source: Nemesis Games (2015), Chapter 1 (p. 20)

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