„A resolve to do whatever proper thing it takes separates the weak from the strong. The strong are determined to do whatever possible and proper thing to get to their goal.“

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T. B. Joshua68
Nigerian Christian leader 1963

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„strong>The good particular men may do separately, in relieving the sick, is small, compared with what they may do collectively.</strong“

—  Benjamin Franklin American author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, a… 1706 - 1790

Appeal for the Hospital The Pennsylvania Gazette (8 August 1751).

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„The libel laws are very weak in this country. If they were strong, it would be very helpful. You wouldn't have things like that happen where you can say whatever comes to your head.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

Response to a question regarding Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, Camp David speech https://factba.se/transcript/donald-trump-remarks-questions-camp-david-gop-retreat-january-6-2018 (6 January 2018)
2010s, 2018, January

„There are some things people can do to change and some things they cannot do — character can be formed, but temperament is given. And the strong who cannot bend are just as much to be pitied as the weak who cannot stiffen.“

—  Sydney J. Harris American journalist 1917 - 1986

“Confusing ‘Character’ with ‘Temperament’”
Clearing the Ground (1986)
Context: The core in the mystery of what we call personality resides in the individual mix between character and temperament. The most successful personalities are those who achieve the best balance between the strict demands of character and the lenient tolerance of temperament. This balance is the supreme test of genuine leadership, separating the savior from the fanatic.
The human Jesus is, to my mind, the ultimate paradigm of such psychic equilibrium. He was absolutely hard on himself and absolutely tender toward others. He maintained the highest criteria of conduct for himself but was not priggish or censorious or self-righteous about those who were weaker and frailer. Most persons of strength cannot accept or tolerate weakness in others. They are blind to the virtues they do not possess themselves and are fiercely judgmental on one scale of values alone. Jesus was unique, even among religious leaders, in combining the utmost of principle with the utmost of compassion for those unable to meet his standards.
We need to understand temperament better than we do and to recognize its symbiotic relationship to character. There are some things people can do to change and some things they cannot do — character can be formed, but temperament is given. And the strong who cannot bend are just as much to be pitied as the weak who cannot stiffen.

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„If you do what you believe in, you’re strong. It’s when you don’t do what you believe in that you’re weak. And we are strong.“

—  Jeremy Corbyn British Labour Party politician 1949

I'll never forget what Jeremy Corbyn whispered in my ear at a campaign event last week http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/jeremy-corbyn-labour-manifesto-policies-what-was-in-whispered-in-my-ear-campaign-rally-a7738776.html, article by Harriet Williamson, in The Independent (16 May 2017).

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„No state is forever strong or forever weak. If those who uphold the law are strong, the state will be strong; if they are weak, the state will be weak.“

—  Han Fei Chinese philosopher -279 - -232 BC

Source: "On Having Standards", in Han Feizi: Basic Writings (2003)

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„Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman and was one of the first female superheroes. It gives me more of an encouragement that we can be strong and can do whatever a guy can do.“

—  Thuy Trang Vietnamese actress (1973-2001) 1973 - 2001

Power Rangers Unlimited: Thuy Trang Interview https://myriahac.tripod.com/id8.html (December 24, 1994)

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