„Proud of my near-madness, as if I had attained a goal.“

p. 16
Das Gewicht der Welt [The Weight of the World]

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Peter Handke9
Austrian writer, playwright and film director 1942

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„Though I had success in my research both when I was mad and when I was not, eventually I felt that my work would be better respected if I thought and acted like a 'normal' person.“

—  John Nash American mathematician and Nobel Prize laureate 1928 - 2015

As quoted in A Beautiful Mind, (2001); also cited in Quantum Phaith (2011), by Jeffrey Strickland, p. 197

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„Great wits are sure to madness near alli'd;
And thin partitions do their bounds divide“

—  John Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel

Pt. I, lines 159–172.
Source: Absalom and Achitophel (1681)
Context: A daring pilot in extremity;
Pleas'd with the danger, when the waves went high
He sought the storms; but for a calm unfit,
Would steer too nigh the sands, to boast his wit.
Great wits are sure to madness near alli'd;
And thin partitions do their bounds divide:
Else, why should he, with wealth and honour blest,
Refuse his age the needful hours of rest?
Punish a body which he could not please;
Bankrupt of life, yet prodigal of ease?
And all to leave, what with his toil he won
To that unfeather'd, two-legg'd thing, a son:
Got, while his soul did huddled notions try;
And born a shapeless lump, like anarchy.

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„If he is mad, so much the better; and if he is mad, I hope to God he’ll bite some of my generals.“

—  George II of Great Britain British monarch 1683 - 1760

The New-York Magazine (November 1791) p. 662.
On being warned by the Duke of Newcastle, in 1758, against promoting James Wolfe. Often quoted as "Mad, is he? Then I hope he will bite some of my other generals."

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„They say, O my God, that I am mad because I see no fault in Thee; but if I am indeed mad with Thy love, I do not wish to recover my sanity.“

—  Sri Aurobindo Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet 1872 - 1950

Thoughts and Aphorisms (1913), Bhakti

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„If I do not write to empty my mind, I go mad.“

—  George Gordon Byron English poet and a leading figure in the Romantic movement 1788 - 1824

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„It's mad isn’t it. I guess I just wanted to make something that people would cherish and hope to hold on to for a while. The goal is to make each book a unique work of art, with an intrinsic quality all their own.“

—  Lorin Morgan-Richards American poet, cartoonist, and children's writer 1975

Regarding choosing to bookbind each of his books by hand rather than choosing to have them mass produced; as quoted in "The Caffiene Induced World of Brian A Kenny" https://thecaffieneinducedworldofbrianakenny.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/the-raven-speaks-insight-with-lorin-morgan-richards/ The Raven Speaks: Insight with Lorin Morgan-Richards by Brian A. Kenny (6 December 2012).

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„It is not that I am mad, it is only that my head is different from yours.“

—  Diogenes of Sinope ancient Greek philosopher, one of the founders of the Cynic philosophy -404 - -322 BC

Stobaeus, iii. 3. 51
Quoted by Stobaeus

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„My friends, this is madness.“

—  Ted Cruz American politician 1970

2010s, Speech at the Republican National Convention (July 20, 2016)

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„How was I supposed to concentrate on my mental health when my therapist was encased in orange sparkle madness?“

—  E. Lockhart, The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and me, Ruby Oliver

Source: The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and me, Ruby Oliver

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