„Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.“

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André Gide photo
André Gide74
French novelist and essayist 1869 - 1951

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André Gide photo

„Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again.“

—  André Gide French novelist and essayist 1869 - 1951

Toutes choses sont dites déjà; mais comme personne n'écoute, il faut toujours recommencer.
Le Traité du Narcisse https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Le_Trait%C3%A9_du_narcisse (The Treatise of the Narcissus)
Nothing is said that has not been said before. -- Terence

Morris Udall photo

„Everything has been said but not everyone has said it.“

—  Morris Udall American politician 1922 - 1998

At a committee hearing. Quoted multiple times by Harry Reid, e.g. Congressional Record Vol. 147, No. 83 https://www.congress.gov/congressional-record/2001/6/14/senate-section/article/S6239-7

Cassandra Clare photo

„Not everything that's true needs to be said.“

—  Cassandra Clare, book City of Bones

Source: City of Bones

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Yogi Berra photo

„I really didn't say everything I said. [... ] Then again, I might have said 'em, but you never know.“

—  Yogi Berra American baseball player, manager, coach 1925 - 2015

The Yogi book: I really didn't say everything I said!, Workman Publishing, 1997, , p. 9.

Philip K. Dick photo

„'“Everything is true”, he said. “Everything anybody has ever thought.”“

—  Philip K. Dick, book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Source: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968), Chapter 20 (p. 227)

Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon photo

„I must treat with reverence everything which Lord Kenyon has said: but not everything which text writers have represented him to have said, which he did not say.“

—  Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon British Baron 1732 - 1802

Lefroy, C.J., Persse v. Kinneen (1859), (Lr. Rep.) L. T. Vol. 1 (N. S.), 78.

Margaret Atwood photo

„[W]e live in a century in which everything has been said. The challenge today is to learn which statements to deny.“

—  Charles Hartshorne Philosopher 1897 - 2000

Hartshorne's main reflection on a full 100 years of life.
"A hundred years of thinking about God" (1998)

Ludwig Wittgenstein photo
Clive Staples Lewis photo

„Everything is a subject on which there is not much to be said.“

—  Clive Staples Lewis, book Studies in Words

Studies in Words (1960), ch. 2

Hans-Georg Gadamer photo

„Everything depends on how something is said.“

—  Hans-Georg Gadamer German philosopher 1900 - 2002

Source: Aesthetics and Hermeneutics (1964), p. 102 http://books.google.com/books?id=7RP-TggufEEC&pg=PA102
Context: The language of art is constituted precisely by the fact that it speaks to the self-understanding of every person, and it does this as ever present and by means of its own contemporaneousness. Indeed, precisely the contemporaneousness of the work allows it to come to expression in language. Everything depends on how something is said.

Charles Bukowski photo

„Why do we embroider everything we say

with special emphasis

when all we really need to do

is simply say what

needs to he said?

Of course

the fact is

that there is very little that needs

to be said.“

—  Charles Bukowski American writer 1920 - 1994

Source: sifting through the madness for the word, the line, the way: New Poems

Philip K. Dick photo

„…everything I've said so far is fine and dandy…“

—  Paul DiLascia American software developer 1959 - 2008


Miles Davis photo
Jennifer Egan photo

„Sure, everything is ending," Jules said, "but not yet.“

—  Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

Source: A Visit from the Goon Squad

P.G. Wodehouse photo
Charles Sumner photo

„The time has passed for argument. Nothing more need be said. For a long time it has been clear that colored persons must be senators.“

—  Charles Sumner American abolitionist and politician 1811 - 1874

As quoted in "First African American Senator" http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/minute/First_African_American_Senator.htm, United States Senate

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