„I wanted to create a voyage to the moon just for her, but what I
should have given her was a real journey on earth.“

Source: La Mécanique du cœur

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Mathias Malzieu8
French singer 1974

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„Most reporters I've spoken with want very badly to understand what is happening to her, but the "why" is really very unimportant. That is just not the point of the show. The journey is how she will deal with this situation, and how it will change her life.“

—  Caroline Dhavernas Canadian actress 1978

About her character on Wonderfalls, in "'Wonderfalls' Spills Torrent of Wit" by John Crooks at Zap2it.com (2004) http://entertainment.msn.com/news/article.aspx?news=151951&wa=wsignin1.0

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„The moon is not kept in her orbit round the earth, nor the earth in her orbit round the sun, by a force that varies merely in the inverse ratio of the squares of the distances.“

—  Thomas Robert Malthus British political economist 1766 - 1834

Source: An Essay on The Principle of Population (First Edition 1798, unrevised), Chapter XIII, paragraph 2, lines 19-22

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„I was angry at her for not being what I wanted.“

—  Peter Handke Austrian writer, playwright and film director 1942

Source: Das Gewicht der Welt [The Weight of the World], p. 14

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„The moon, by her comparative proximity, and the constantly varying appearances produced by her several phases, has always occupied a considerable share of the attention of the inhabitants of the earth.“

—  Jules Verne, book From the Earth to the Moon

L’astre des nuits, par sa proximité relative et le spectacle rapidement renouvelé de ses phases diverses, a tout d’abord partagé avec le Soleil l’attention des habitants de la Terre.
Source: From the Earth to the Moon (1865), Ch. V: The Romance of the Moon

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„He commanded that something should be given her to eat.“

—  Henry Clay Trumbull Union Army chaplain 1830 - 1903

Has any body's daughter or any body's son been raised from spiritual death in your congregation, or in your class recently? If so, give the revived soul something to eat.
Source: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 412.

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„As surely as there is a voyage away, there is a journey home.“

—  Jack Kornfield American writer 1945

Source: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

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