„The universal Intellect is the intimate, most real, peculiar and powerful part of the soul of the world.“

Cause, Principle, and Unity (1584)
Kontekst: The universal Intellect is the intimate, most real, peculiar and powerful part of the soul of the world. This is the single whole which filleth the whole, illumineth the universe and directeth nature to the production of natural things, as our intellect with the congruous production of natural kinds.

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Giordano Bruno Fotografia
Giordano Bruno13
włoski astronom, naukowiec i filozof 1548 - 1600

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Maxim Gorky Fotografia

„Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul.“

—  Maxim Gorky Russian and Soviet writer 1868 - 1936

Untimely Thoughts (1917-18) (original: Наиболее успешно и могуче будит в нашей душе ее добрые начала сила искусства. Как наука является разумом мира, так искусство — сердце его.)
Kontekst: The good qualities in our soul are most successfully and forcefully awakened by the power of art. Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul.

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Bruce Lee Fotografia

„The intangible represents the real power of the universe. It is the seed of the tangible.“

—  Bruce Lee Hong Kong-American actor, martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker 1940 - 1973

Part 6 "Beyond System — The Ultimate Source of Jeet Kune Do"
Jeet Kune Do (1997)

„It's the most powerful stuff in the universe.“

—  John Jakes American historical novelist and fantasy writer 1932

North and South Trilogy (1982-1987), Answer the Drum
Kontekst: "Iron can destroy anything: families, fortunes, governments, whole countries. It's the most powerful stuff in the universe."
"Oh?" Orry's skeptical glance fell down on the Plain below. "You really think it's more powerful than a big army?"
"Without weapons - without this - there are no big armies."

Robert Musil Fotografia

„We do not have too much intellect and too little soul, but too little intellect in matters of the soul.“

—  Robert Musil Austrian writer 1880 - 1942

Wir haben nicht zuviel Verstand und zu wenig Seele, sondern wir haben zu wenig Verstand in den Fragen der Seele.
Helpless Europe (1922)

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Anne Brontë Fotografia

„Intimate acquaintance must precede real friendship.“

—  Anne Brontë, książka Lokatorka Wildfell Hall

Źródło: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), Ch. XXIX : The Neighbour; Helen to Walter

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Ray Charles Fotografia

„Soul is when you take a song and make it a part of you — a part that's so true, so real, people think it must have happened to you. … It's like electricity — we don't really know what it is, do we? But it's a force that can light a room. Soul is like electricity, like a spirit, a drive, a power.“

—  Ray Charles American musician 1930 - 2004

As quoted in LIFE magazine (July 1966), also in Ray Charles : Man and Music (1998) by Michael Lydon, p. 264
As quoted in Pearls of Wisdom (198 http://interview.sweetsearch.com/2010/11/ray-charles.html
Wariant: What is soul? It's like electricity — we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room.

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Albert Einstein Fotografia

„Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

Variants: "... is man’s greatest invention" and "... is the eighth wonder of the world".
May add: "He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it."
This Snopes article http://www.snopes.com/quotes/einstein/interest.asp concluded that its status was uncertain, while this post from The Quote Investigator http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/10/31/compound-interest/ concludes it is most likely a false attribution, since variants of the quote date back to at least 1916, with the early variants not being attributed to Einstein.

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Ferdinand Foch Fotografia

„The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.“

—  Ferdinand Foch French soldier and military theorist 1851 - 1929

As quoted in The 32d Infantry Division in World War II (1956) by Harold Whittle Blakeley, p. 3

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Michael Parenti Fotografia

„The peculiar danger of executive power is that it executes.“

—  Michael Parenti American academic 1933

Źródło: Democracy for the Few (2010 [1974]), sixth edition, Chapter 14, p. 259

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Gerald James Whitrow Fotografia

„[Time is not] a mysterious illusion of the intellect... It is an essential feature of the universe.“

—  Gerald James Whitrow British mathematician 1912 - 2000

The Nature of Time (1961) as quoted by Douglas Martin, "Gerald J. Whitrow, 87, Author Of Philosophic Tomes on Time" The New York Times (June 27, 2000)

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