„Nice dress. Take it off.“

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Haruki Murakami Fotografia

„Many are the women who can take their clothes off seductively, but women who can charm as they dress?“

—  Haruki Murakami, książka Koniec świata i hard-boiled wonderland

Źródło: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (1985), Chapter Nine: Appetite, Disappointment, Leningrad

Peter Sloterdijk Fotografia
Jean Cocteau Fotografia

„The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.“

—  Jean Cocteau French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager and filmmaker 1889 - 1963

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Joyce Brothers Fotografia

„In strong families, positive strokes out-number negative broadsides by a wide margin. Members regularly express appreciation: "Thanks for fixing the drainpipe." "You look so nice in that dress." "The dinner was great."“

—  Joyce Brothers Joyce Brothers 1927 - 2013

Criticism is offered gently. After all, strong families figure, if we can be kind to strangers, why not to one another?
10 Keys to a Strong Family (2002)

José Mourinho Fotografia

„When I saw Rijkaard entering the referee's dressing room I couldn't believe it. When Drogba was sent off I didn't get surprised.“

—  José Mourinho Portuguese association football player and manager 1963

Chelsea FC

Sherrilyn Kenyon Fotografia
Barbara Kingsolver Fotografia
Karl Lagerfeld Fotografia
Nicolas Chamfort Fotografia

„There are well-dressed foolish ideas just as there are well-dressed fools.“

—  Nicolas Chamfort French writer 1741 - 1794

As quoted in The Cynic's Breviary : Maxims and Anecdotes from Nicolas de Chamfort (1902) as translated by William G. Hutchison, p. 37

Anna Sui Fotografia

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