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Oswald Mosley

Data urodzenia: 16. Listopad 1896
Data zgonu: 3. Grudzień 1980

Oswald Ernald Mosley – brytyjski polityk i szlachcic z tytułem szóstego baroneta, lider faszystów brytyjskich w latach 30. i 40. XX w.

Cytaty Oswald Mosley

„Faced with the alternative of saying goodbye to the gold standard, and therefore to his own employment, and goodbye to other people's employment, Mr. Churchill characteristically selected the latter course.“

—  Oswald Mosley

Winston Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, had returned Britain to the gold standard and Mosley believed this would lead to unemployment, quoted in Robert Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley (Papermacs, 1981), p. 143.

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„That consecrated combination of private interests and public plunders.“

—  Oswald Mosley

Mosley on the banking system, Annual Report (1925) of the Independent Labour Party, quoted in Robert Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley (Papermacs, 1981), p. 142.

„We have lost the good old British spirit. Instead we have American journalism and black-shirted buffoons making a cheap imitation of ice-cream sellers.“

—  Oswald Mosley

In 1927 after his Labour Party meeting in Cambridge was broken-up by pro-Fascist undergraduates. The mention of "ice-cream sellers" was a reference to Italian immigrants who had opened ice-cream parlours.

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