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Data urodzenia: 35 n. e.
Data zgonu: 96 n. e.


Marcus Fabius Quintilianus – rzymski retor i pedagog w dziedzinie teorii wymowy. Pierwszy płatny z kasy państwowej nauczyciel retoryki.

Cytaty Kwintylian

„Nauczać, zabawiać, wzruszać.“

—  Kwintylian
Docere, delectare, movere. (łac.) Źródło: Kształcenie mówcy 10, 59


„Sumienie to tysiąc świadków.“

—  Kwintylian
Conscientia mille testes. (łac.)

„Co teraz jest stare, kiedyś było nowe.“

—  Kwintylian
Quae vetera nunc sunt, fuerunt olim nova. (łac.) Źródło: Inst., VIII, 3, 34

„Potępiają to, czego nie rozumieją.“

—  Kwintylian
Damnant quod non intellegunt. (łac.) Źródło: Inst. X, 1, 26

„We give to necessity the praise of virtue.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Laudem virtutis necessitati damus. Book I, Chapter VIII, 14 Compare: "To maken vertue of necessite", Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, "The Knightes Tale", line 3044

„To say the truth, whatever improvement private study may produce, there is still a peculiar advantage attendant on our appearance in the forum, where the light is different and there is an appearance of real responsibility quite different from the fictitious cases of the schools. If we estimate the two separately, practice without learning will be of more avail than learning without practice.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Et hercule quantumlibet secreta studia contulerint, est tamen proprius quidam fori profectus, alia lux, alia veri discriminis facies, plusque, si separes, usus sine doctrina quam citra usum doctrina valeat. Book XII, Chapter VI, 4; translation by Rev. John Selby Watson

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„Those who wish to appear wise among fools, among the wise seem foolish.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Qui stultis videri eruditi volunt stulti eruditis videntur. Book X, Chapter VII, 21 See also: An X among Ys, a Y among Xs

„Vain hopes are often like the dreams of those who wake.“

—  Quintilian
Misattributed, Perhaps confusion of Book VI, Chapter II, 30 Similar to Matthew Prior: "For hope is but the dream of those that wake", Solomon on the Vanity of the World, book iii, line 102.

„So much easier is it to do many things than to do one thing for a long time continuously.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Adeo facilius est multa facere quam diu. Book I, Chapter XII, 7; translation by H. E. Butler

„For it is an ordinance of nature that nothing great can be achieved in a moment, and that all the fairest tasks are attended with difficulty, while on births as well she has imposed this law, that the larger the animal, the longer should be the period of gestation.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Nihil enim rerum ipsa natura voluit magnum effici cito, praeposuitque pulcherrimo cuique operi difficultatem: quae nascendi quoque hanc fecerit legem, ut maiora animalia diutius visceribus parentis continerentur. Book X, Chapter III, 4; translation by H. E. Butler Compare: Natura non facit saltus

„I do not merely assert that the ideal orator should be a good man, but I affirm that no man can be an orator unless he is a good man. For it is impossible to regard those men as gifted with intelligence who on being offered the choice between the two paths of virtue and of vice choose the latter, nor can we allow them prudence, when by the unforeseen issue of their own actions they render themselves liable not merely to the heaviest penalties of the laws, but to the inevitable torment of an evil conscience.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Neque enim tantum id dico, eum qui sit orator virum bonum esse oportere, sed ne futurum quidem oratorem nisi virum bonum. Nam certe neque intellegentiam concesseris iis qui proposita honestorum ac turpium via peiorem sequi malent, neque prudentiam, cum in gravissimas frequenter legum, semper vero malae conscientiae poenas a semet ipsis inproviso rerum exitu induantur. Book XII, Chapter I, 3; translation by H. E. Butler

„Let the orator whom I propose to form, then, be such a one as is characterized by the definition of Marcus Cato, a good man skilled in speaking. But the requisite which Cato has placed first in this definition—that an orator should be a good man—is naturally of more estimation and importance than the other.“

—  Quintilian
De Institutione Oratoria (c. 95 AD), Sit ergo nobis orator quem constituimus is qui a M. Catone finitur vir bonus dicendi peritus, verum, id quod et ille posuit prius et ipsa natura potius ac maius est, utique vir bonus. Book XII, Chapter I, 1; translation by Rev. John Selby Watson

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“

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