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Jaroslav Hašek fénykép
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Jaroslav Hašek

Születési dátum: 30. április 1883
Halál dátuma: 3. január 1923

Jaroslav Hašek cseh humorista és szatirikus író. Legismertebb műve a Švejk, a derék katona, amelyet több mint hatvan nyelvre lefordítottak. Wikipedia

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„Great times call for great men.“

—  Jaroslav Hašek, könyv The Good Soldier Švejk

The Good Soldier Švejk (1921)
Kontextus: Great times call for great men. There are unknown heroes who are modest, with none of the historical glamour of a Napoleon. If you analysed their character you would find that it eclipsed even the glory of Alexander the Great. Today you can meet in the streets of Prague a shabbily dressed man who is not even himself aware of his significance in the history of the great new era. He goes modestly on his way, without bothering anyone. Nor is he bothered by journalists asking for an interview. If you asked him his name he would answer you simply and unassumingly: 'I am Švejk….

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