„There are times when the mind is dealt such a blow it hides itself in insanity. While this may not seem beneficial, it is. There are times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind.“

Source: The Name of the Wind

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American fantasy writer 1973

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„When Reality is a prison, Your mind can set you free.“

—  Zack Snyder American film director, film producer, and screenwriter 1966

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„And it always seems to stick in one's mind more than reality does.“

—  Terry Gilliam American-born British screenwriter, film director, animator, actor and member of the Monty Python comedy troupe 1940

As quoted in "Terry Gilliam reflects to Dreams about the making of Dr Parnassus" by Phil Stubbs http://www.smart.co.uk/dreams/parntgrf.htm
Context: We read Dover Books, because you can steal from them. The medieval imagery and iconography is so good for the imagination. Trying to describe the world, trying to describe the cosmos, trying to put it down in neat orderly fashion, unlike reality. And it always seems to stick in one's mind more than reality does.

„Though life seems painful, at the same time it is wonderful“

—  Ritsuko Okazaki Japanese singer 1959 - 2004

空色(Sorairo), Siki
Original: (ja) 生きるのは苦しいの  同じくらい素敵なの

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„What is so painful about that time is that nothing was disastrous.“

—  Doris Lessing, book The Golden Notebook

Anna Wulf, in "Free Women: 1"
The Golden Notebook (1962)
Context: What is so painful about that time is that nothing was disastrous. It was all wrong, ugly, unhappy and coloured with cynicism, but nothing was tragic, there were no moments that could change anything or anybody. From time to time the emotional lightning flashed and showed a landscape of private misery, and then — we went on dancing. <!-- 128

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„When I look at large foundations making multimillion-dollar decisions while keeping their data and reasoning "confidential" – all I see is a gigantic pile of the most unbelievably mind-blowing arrogance of all time. I'm serious.“

—  Holden Karnofsky

In "Transparency, measurement, humility" https://blog.givewell.org/2007/12/27/transparency-measurement-humility/, December 2007; see "Some Thoughts on Public Discourse" http://effective-altruism.com/ea/17o/some_thoughts_on_public_discourse/ for an update to Karnofsky's thoughts

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„But all the while I was alone
The past was close behind,
I seen a lot of women
But she never escaped my mind“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Blood on the Tracks (1975), Tangled Up In Blue

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„Perhaps there was a natural process at work here; a means by which the mind dealt with experiences that contradicted a lifetime’s prejudices about the nature of reality. People simple forgot.“

—  Clive Barker author, film director and visual artist 1952

Part Seven “The Demagogue”, Chapter vi “Hello, Stranger”, Section 2 (p. 307)

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„The layman always means, when he says "reality" that he is speaking of something self-evidently known; whereas to me it seems the most important and exceedingly difficult task of our time is to work on the construction of a new idea of reality.“

—  Wolfgang Pauli Austrian physicist, Nobel prize winner 1900 - 1958

Letter to Markus Fierz (12 August 1948), as quoted in The Innermost Kernel : Depth Psychology and Quantum Physics : Wolfgang Pauli's Dialogue with C. G. Jung (2005) by Suzanne Gieser.

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