„The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.“

The Note Book of Elbert Hubbard (1927)
Variant: The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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Elbert Hubbard141
American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher fue el … 1856 - 1915

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„But fear of making mistakes can itself become a huge mistake, one that prevents you from living, for life is risky and anything less is already a loss.“

—  Rebecca Solnit Author and essayist from United States 1961

Source: A Field Guide to Getting Lost

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„Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt American politician, diplomat, and activist, and First Lady of the United States 1884 - 1962

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„I'll never make that mistake again, reading the experts' opinions. Of course, you only live one life, and you make all your mistakes, and learn what not to do, and that's the end of you.“

—  Richard Feynman American theoretical physicist 1918 - 1988

Part 5: "The World of One Physicist", "The 7 Percent Solution", p. 255
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (1985)

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„You make mistakes, mistakes don't make you“

—  Maxwell Maltz Plastic surgeon, self-help author 1889 - 1975

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„One makes mistakes; that is life. But it is never a mistake to have loved.“

—  Romain Rolland French author 1866 - 1944

As quoted in On Relationships: A Book for Teenagers (1999) by Kimberly Kirberger

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„One thing is certain in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.“

—  Richard Branson English business magnate, investor and philanthropist 1950

From Richard Branson's blog ‘Learning from mistakes’ on the Virgin Website

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„If you make one mistake, it's half a day out with the undertaker.“

—  Fred Dibnah English steeplejack and television personality, with a keen interest in mechanical engineering 1938 - 2004


„After you think, you act. After you act, you learn. Make decisions, but decisions will have risks of mistakes. But make sure you avoid disastrous mistakes and avoid making the same mistake twice.“

—  Sukanto Tanoto Indonesian businessman 1949

Keynote speech, Wharton Global Modular Course, May 25, 2015. http://www.inside-rge.com/Sukanto-Tanoto-Entrepreneur-Journey-2

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„An ordinary mistake is one that leads to a dead end, while a profound mistake is one that leads to progress. Anyone can make an ordinary mistake, but it takes a genius to make a profound mistake.“

—  Frank Wilczek physicist 1951

Source: The Lightness of Being – Mass, Ether and the Unification of Forces (2008), Ch. 1, p. 12.

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„Give it a chance, try to make it happen. This is our greatest asset as a nation and one that we have to continue to encourage. You don’t have to go broke, you don’t have to bet everything on it, but you can start one day at a time by taking a chance and seeing if you too can build a great company.“

—  Kevin Plank American entrepreneur and philanthropist 1972

Social Growth Technologies Wins U-Maryland Cupid’s Cup Business Competition Under Armour’s Kevin Plank and BB&T Sponsor Fifth Annual Event https://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/news/social-growth-technologies-wins-u-maryland-cupids-cup-business-competition-under-armours-kevin, University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business (May 10, 2010)

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„Only while sleeping one makes no mistakes. Making mistakes is the privilege of the active—of those who can correct their mistakes and put them right.“

—  Ingvar Kamprad Entrepreneur 1926 - 2018

"The Testament of a Furniture Dealer" http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/pdf/reports-downloads/the-testament-of-a-furniture-dealer.pdf (1976).

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„Fear can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy… fear makes you always, always hold something back.“

—  Philip K. Dick, book VALIS

Source: Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (1974), Chapter 21 (p. 171)
Source: VALIS
Context: "Fear,” Jason said, “can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy. If you're afraid you don’t commit yourself to life completely; fear makes you always, always hold something back.”'

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„If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.“

—  Confucius Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher -551 - -479 BC

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