„Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn't, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay.“

Source: Your Voice in My Head

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Emma Forrest6
British journalist, novelist and screenwriter 1976

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„It has been said that time heals all wounds, I don't agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but is never gone.“

—  Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy American philanthropist and mother of John F. Kennedy 1890 - 1995

Variant: It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.

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„Time heals all wounds.“
Diem adimere aegritudinem hominibus.

—  Marcus Tullius Cicero Roman philosopher and statesman -106 - -43 BC

Truly from Terentius, Heautontimorumenos, Act III, scene i

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„Time heals all wounds.“

—  Stephen King, book Hearts in Atlantis

Source: Hearts in Atlantis

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„There — you say — truth! Truth doesn't always heal a wounded soul.“

—  Maxim Gorky Russian and Soviet writer 1868 - 1936

The character "Luka" in The Lower Depths (1902) English translation by Laurence Irving (1912)
Context: There — you say — truth! Truth doesn't always heal a wounded soul. For instance, I knew of a man who believed in a land of righteousness. He said: "Somewhere on this earth there must be a righteous land — and wonderful people live there — good people! They respect each other, help each other, and everything is peaceful and good!" And so that man — who was always searching for this land of righteousness — he was poor and lived miserably — and when things got to be so bad with him that it seemed there was nothing else for him to do except lie down and die — even then he never lost heart — but he'd just smile and say: "Never mind! I can stand it! A little while longer — and I'll have done with this life — and I'll go in search of the righteous land!" — it was his one happiness — the thought of that land. And then to this place — in Siberia, by the way — there came a convict — a learned man with books and maps — yes, a learned man who knew all sorts of things — and the other man said to him: "Do me a favor — show me where is the land of righteousness and how I can get there." At once the learned man opened his books, spread out his maps, and looked and looked and he said — no — he couldn't find this land anywhere... everything was correct — all the lands on earth were marked — but not this land of righteousness. The man wouldn't believe it.... "It must exist," he said, "look carefully. Otherwise," he says, "your books and maps are of no use if there's no land of righteousness." The learned man was offended. "My plans," he said, "are correct. But there exists no land of righteousness anywhere." Well, then the other man got angry. He'd lived and lived and suffered and suffered, and had believed all the time in the existence of this land — and now, according to the plans, it didn't exist at all. He felt robbed! And he said to the learned man: "Ah — you scum of the earth! You're not a learned man at all — but just a damned cheat!" — and he gave him a good wallop in the eye — then another one... [After a moment's silence. ] And then he went home and hanged himself.

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„You know, the mind is a remarkable thing. Just because you can't see the wound doesn't mean it isn't hurting. It scars all the time, but it heals.“

—  Jodi Picoult, book The Pact

Variant: The mind is a remarcable thing. Just because you can’t see the wound doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting
Source: The Pact

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„It's a long life, sweetheart, and time heals all wounds.“

—  Cheryl Strayed, book Torch

Source: Torch

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„Time wounds all the heals, as we fade out of view.“

—  Josh Homme American musician 1973

"I Sat By the Ocean", ...Like Clockwork (2013)
Lyrics, Queens of the Stone Age

„You wound and you will wound again. Because you wound and then you go away. You do not stay with the wound.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Hieres y volverás a herir. Porque hieres y te apartas. No acompañas a la herida.
Voces (1943)

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„We can heal all our wounds
We can use our own names.“

—  Jacques Brel Belgian singer-songwriter 1929 - 1978

If Only We Have Love (1957)
Context: If we only have love
We can reach those in pain
We can heal all our wounds
We can use our own names.

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„Time does not heal all wounds; there are those that remain painfully open.“

—  Elie Wiesel writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor 1928 - 2016

A Jew Today (1978)

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„Heal the Wound, Cure the illness, but let the Dying spirit go“

—  Ursula K. Le Guin American writer 1929 - 2018

Source: Earthsea Books, A Wizard of Earthsea (1968), Chapter 5

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„Time may heal wounds, but it does not erase the scars.“

—  Jane Yolen, book Briar Rose

Source: Briar Rose (1992), Chapter 12 (p. 72)

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„Believing the lie that time will heal all wounds is just a nice way of saying that time deadens us.“

—  Jonathan Nolan British-American screenwriter, television producer, director and author 1976

Source: Memento mori

„I believe that the artist is a wounded healer, that they are healing wounds of their own, and when they do that truthfully, they heal the audience.“

—  Sandra Seacat American acting teacher and actress 1936

As quoted in "The Role of Their Dreams" http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/07/fashion/07dreams.html?pagewanted=2 by Sarah Kershaw, in The New York Times (May 6, 2009)

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„The scar of fire, the dint of steel,
Are easier than Love's wounds to heal.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

Canto II
The Troubadour (1825)

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