„I only fear the death of others. For me, true death is that of the people I love“

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French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager … 1889 - 1963

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„The only death I fear is dying ignorant.“

—  Steven Erikson, book Gardens of the Moon

Source: Gardens of the Moon (1999), Chapter 4 (p. 125)

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„And death?
I don’t fear death.
I dread the absence of it.“

—  Robert Charles Wilson author 1953

Divided by Infinity (p. 195)
The Perseids and Other Stories (2000)

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„I fear that a life of death has made me numb to both.“

—  Seth Grahame-Smith US fiction author 1976

Source: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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„I have no idea what the other will be like, but this death suits me well! If my adorable Isolde were to go on being the death of me in this fashion I would woo death everlasting!“

—  Gottfried von Straßburg, book Tristan

Ine weiz, wie jener werden sol;
dirre tôt der tuot mir wol.
solte diu wunneclîche Isôt
iemer alsus sî mîn tôt,
sô wolte ich gerne werben
umbe ein êweclîchez sterben.
Source: Tristan, Line 12497

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„For it is not death or pain that is to be feared, but the fear of pain or death.“

—  Epictetus philosopher from Ancient Greece 50 - 138

Book II, ch. 1 http://classics.mit.edu/Epictetus/discourses.2.two.html
Variant: For death or pain is not formidable, but the fear of pain or death.

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