„Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.“

—  Rod McKuen

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Rod McKuen19
American poet, songwriter, composer, and singer 1933 - 2015

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„Sleep is like a cat: It only comes to you if you ignore it.“

—  Gillian Flynn, book Gone Girl

Source: Gone Girl

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„They should be going to sleep, but good company is the enemy of sleep.“

—  David Levithan American author and editor 1972

Source: Two Boys Kissing

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„I’m a cat. I respect the sanctity of sleep.“

—  Rick Riordan, book The Serpent's Shadow

Source: The Serpent's Shadow

Citát „The only time I have problems is when I sleep.“
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„Neurotics would like to sleep all the time, and to be awakened only when there is good news.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Neurotics and neurosis

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„When every inch of the world is known, sleep may be the only wilderness that we have left.“

—  Louise Erdrich writer from the United States 1954

Source: The Blue Jay's Dance: A Birth Year

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„I admire anyone who's genuinely trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment and live a peaceful life. But religious dogma is a barrier to that. The last thing a dogmatist wants is for anyone to be enlightened, any more than a pharmaceutical company wants anybody cured.“

—  Pat Condell Stand-up comedian, writer, and Internet personality 1949

"Time Out London" (2006) https://web.archive.org/web/20141024084907/http://www.timeout.com/london/comedy/pat-condell-interview-1

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„I do not want to go back to God with less knowledge than when I was born. I want my footprints to make an impress on the field of reason. I have no desire to be a cat and walk so lightly that it never creates a disturbance. I want my footprints to be plainly seen by all…“

—  Andrew Taylor Still Founder of Osteopathic Medicine 1828 - 1917

Still. A. T., Journal of Osteopathy, p. 127. https://www.atsu.edu/museum/subscription/pdfs/JournalofOsteopathyVol5No31898August.pdf/.

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