„When I'm 80 years old and sitting on my rocking chair, I'll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will ask me: «After all this time?» and I'll say: «Always».“

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Alan Rickman5
English film, television and stage actor 1946 - 2016

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„After I read a script about three times, it sinks into my head. With Harry Potter, it took about six times because it was a lot bigger.“

—  Daniel Radcliffe English actor 1989

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„If you ask me:"An openly homosexual teacher can work as a teacher? I say no. (...) I'll not do anything to discriminate you, but I'll also not do anything to put your type of relationship on the same level of the natural family.“

—  Gianfranco Fini Italian politician 1952
Fini: un gay non puo' fare il maestro http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/1998/aprile/09/Fini_gay_non_puo_fare_co_0_9804094008.shtml, Il Corriere della Sera, 9 April 1998.

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„It seems no matter what I read I think "this is not harry potter."“

—  Hank Green American vlogger 1980
This is not Harry Potter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFZaCxfiUHs

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