„There are three things that I know a bit about in my life and that's QPR, my guitar and drugs. I know QPR are the best football team in the world, my guitar is the most beautiful thing I own and that I don't take enough drugs to kill me. It isnt drugs that I need to get rid of; it's the demons that fill my head. Once I have come to terms with my demons, maybe I'll be able to get clean.“

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Pete Doherty86
English musician, writer, actor, poet and artist 1979

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„My guitar is like my best friend. My guitar can get me through anything. If I can sit down and write an amazing song with my guitar about what's going on in life, then that's the greatest therapy for me.“

—  Miley Cyrus American actor and singer-songwriter 1992

Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/2008/05/05/miley-cyrus-i-like-to-be-the-girl-no-guy-can-get-89520-20406057/ (May 5, 2008)

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„They don't know my head's full of me
And that I have my own special thing,
And there's no hole in my head.
Too bad.“

—  Malvina Reynolds American folk singer 1900 - 1978

Song No Hole In My Head

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„If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.“

—  Tennessee Williams American playwright 1911 - 1983

Source: Conversations with Tennessee Williams

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„Since my self-experiment had revealed LSD in its terrifying, demonic aspect, the last thing I could have expected was that this substance could ever find application as anything approaching a pleasure drug.“

—  Albert Hofmann Swiss chemist 1906 - 2008

Source: LSD : My Problem Child (1980), Ch. 1 : How LSD Originated
Context: This self-experiment showed that LSD-25 behaved as a psychoactive substance with extraordinary properties and potency. There was to my knowledge no other known substance that evoked such profound psychic effects in such extremely low doses, that caused such dramatic changes in human consciousness and our experience of the inner and outer world.
What seemed even more significant was that I could remember the experience of LSD inebriation in every detail. This could only mean that the conscious recording function was not interrupted, even in the climax of the LSD experience, despite the profound breakdown of the normal world view. For the entire duration of the experiment, I had even been aware of participating in an experiment, but despite this recognition of my condition, I could not, with every exertion of my will, shake off the LSD world. Everything was experienced as completely real, as alarming reality; alarming, because the picture of the other, familiar everyday reality was still fully preserved in the memory for comparison.
Another surprising aspect of LSD was its ability to produce such a far-reaching, powerful state of inebriation without leaving a hangover. Quite the contrary, on the day after the LSD experiment I felt myself to be, as already described, in excellent physical and mental condition.
I was aware that LSD, a new active compound with such properties, would have to be of use in pharmacology, in neurology, and especially in psychiatry, and that it would attract the interest of concerned specialists. But at that time I had no inkling that the new substance would also come to be used beyond medical science, as an inebriant in the drug scene. Since my self-experiment had revealed LSD in its terrifying, demonic aspect, the last thing I could have expected was that this substance could ever find application as anything approaching a pleasure drug.

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„I can't remember what my line on drugs is. What's my line on drugs?“

—  Boris Johnson British politician, historian and journalist 1964

"The Genelection Game", Sunday Mirror, 24 April 2005, p. 19.
During the campaign trail of the 2005 general election.
2000s, 2005

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„I don't want to start singing about things like sex, drugs and swearing. I'm into love, and maybe I'll get more into making love when I'm older. But I want to be someone who is respected by everybody.“

—  Justin Bieber Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor 1994

Source: Interview with V Magazine, as quoted in UsMagazine: Justin Bieber Talks Sex, Drugs and Turning 18 http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/justin-bieber-talks-sex-drugs-and-turning-18-2012101, January 2012

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„I'll tell you one thing: I will always play the sh** out of my guitar.“

—  Joe Satriani American guitar player 1956

As quoted in "Shred on Arrival" in Guitar World (November 1993).

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„He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar,
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star.
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do.“

—  Taylor Swift American singer-songwriter 1989

Teardrops on My Guitar, written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose.
Song lyrics, Taylor Swift (2006)

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„He was my drug, and I had no desire to kick the habit.“

—  Sylvia Day American writer 1973

Source: Reflected in You

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„I hope they change my drugs soon. Whatever I'm on isn't working.“

—  Karen Marie Moning author 1964

Source: Shadowfever

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