„The allegations against Fidia cannot be true. The process for awarding Nobel prizes is so complex that it cannot be corrupted.“

Rebutting allegations that the pharmaceutical company Fidia had paid for her to get her Nobel prize. Quoted in Obituary in The Guardian

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Rita Levi-Montalcini photo
Rita Levi-Montalcini7
Italian neurologist 1909 - 2012

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„Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.“

—  Tom Lehrer American singer-songwriter and mathematician 1928

On the awarding of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger, and Lê Ðức Thọ; one of his most quoted quips, it is often mentioned in articles and interviews, including "Stop clapping, this is serious" in Sydney Morning Herald (1 March 2003) http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/02/28/1046407753895.html

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„It is interesting to note that the Nobel Peace Prize won't be awarded this year. When one recalls that Martin Luther King got the prize last year, it may be just as well that the committee decided not to award one this year. Perhaps it was too difficult to choose between Stokely Carmichael and Ho Chi Minh.“

—  Jesse Helms American politician 1921 - 2008

Television commentary (1966) quoted in The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/1994/11/27/weekinreview/word-for-word-jesse-helms-north-carolinian-has-enemies-but-no-one-calls-him.html (1994)

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„I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.“

—  Steven Wright American actor and author 1955

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Nelson Mandela photo
Nelson Mandela photo

„Together, we join two distinguished South Africans, the late Chief Albert Lutuli and His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to whose seminal contributions to the peaceful struggle against the evil system of apartheid you paid well-deserved tribute by awarding them the Nobel Peace Prize. It will not be presumptuous of us if we also add, among our predecessors, the name of another outstanding Nobel Peace Prize winner, the late Rev Martin Luther King Jr.“

—  Nelson Mandela President of South Africa, anti-apartheid activist 1918 - 2013

He, too, grappled with and died in the effort to make a contribution to the just solution of the same great issues of the day which we have had to face as South Africans.We speak here of the challenge of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want.
1990s, Nobel Prize acceptance speech (1993)

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„She deserved the Nobel Prize for her work.“

—  Edwin Hubble American astronomer 1889 - 1953

Often said by Hubble about Henrietta Swan Leavitt.

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„I must confess that if I had been consulted whether to establish a Nobel Prize in economics, I should have decidedly advised against it.“

—  Friedrich Hayek Austrian and British economist and Nobel Prize for Economics laureate 1899 - 1992

1960s–1970s, Nobel Banquet Speech (1974)

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Kevin Barry photo

„I won't be happy until I'm up there, receiving the Nobel Prize.“

—  Kevin Barry 18 year old medical student and Irish republican, executed by Britain. 1902 - 1920

Leader Interview..with Kevin Barry http://www.limerickleader.ie/lifestyle/entertainment-arts/whats-on/leader-interview-with-kevin-barry-1-2181685, Limerick Leader (1 November 2007)

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„You can actually do extremely well out of not getting a Nobel prize,“

—  Jocelyn Bell Burnell British scientist 1943

Beautiful Minds (2010)
Context: You can actually do extremely well out of not getting a Nobel prize, and I have had so many prizes, and so many honours, and so many awards, that actually, I think I've had far more fun than if I'd got a Nobel Prize - which is a bit flash in the pan: You get it, you have a fun week, and it's all over, and nobody gives you anything else after that, cos they feel they can't match it.

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„George W. Bush will surely deserve that woolliest of all peace prizes, the Nobel.“

—  Joe Klein American journalist 1946

Look Who Has a Shot at the Nobel Peace Prize https://archive.is/20130630105822/www.time.com/time/columnist/klein/article/0,9565,1037629,00.html, March 13, 2005.

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„As long as I'm the director of Miss Nevada, we will never award fur coats as prizes, and I urge my fellow pageant directors to make the same pledge. Kind people today are taking a stand against cruelty to animals—so a fur coat is no prize for a compassionate, socially-aware woman.“

—  Shanna Moakler American actress and model 1975

Statement to PETA, as quoted in "Miss USA Winners Pose Naked in Sexy New PETA Ad", E! Online (June 13, 2013) https://www.eonline.com/uk/news/429232/miss-usa-winners-pose-naked-in-sexy-new-peta-ad-check-it-out.

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„There are few servants to be found who cannot be corrupted with money.“

—  Alessandro Piccolomini Italian writer and philosopher 1508 - 1579

Pochi servidori si trovano che per danari non si corrompano.
Act II — (Vergilio).
Translation reported in Harbottle's Dictionary of quotations French and Italian (1904), p. 394.
L’Amor Costante (1536)

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