„The idea of the saint is the exact opposite of the priest in service of the Holy. The priest is a functionary of the Holy;' there is no Holy without its officials, without the bureaucratic machinery supporting it, organizing its ritual, from the Aztecs' official of human sacrifice to the modern sacred state or army rituals. The saint on the contrary, occupies the object petit a, of pure object, of somebody undergoing radical subjective destitution. He… enacts no ritual, he conjures nothing, he just persists in his inert presence.“

The Sublime Object of Ideology (1989)

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Slovene philosopher 1949

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„Drear ritual turned its wheel.“

—  Mervyn Peake, book Titus Groan

Source: Titus Groan (1946), Chapter 60 “In Preparation for Violence” (p. 323)

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„There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm.“

—  Aleister Crowley poet, mountaineer, occultist 1875 - 1947

Source: Magick Book IV : Liber ABA, Part III : Magick in Theory and Practice (1929), Ch. 1 : The Principles of Ritual
Context: There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The Supreme and Complete Ritual is therefore the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel; or, in the language of Mysticism, Union with God.

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„Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words.“

—  Peace Pilgrim American non-denominational spiritual teacher 1908 - 1981

Source: Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (1982), Ch. 7 : Living the Spiritual Life
Context: Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words. It is a constant state of awareness of oneness with God; it is a sincere seeking for a good thing; and it is a concentration on the thing sought, with faith that it is obtainable.

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„Christians are called saints, for their holiness; believers, for their faith; brethern, for their love; disciples, for their knowledge.“

—  Richard Fuller (minister) United States Baptist minister 1804 - 1876

Source: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 103.

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„What should a priest do with so fair a house?
A prison may best beseem his holiness.“

—  Christopher Marlowe English dramatist, poet and translator 1564 - 1593

Gaveston, Act I, scene i, lines 204–205
Edward II (c. 1592)

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„The Superior Man has nothing to compete for. But if he must compete, he does it in an archery match, wherein he ascends to his position, bowing in deference. Descending, he drinks (or has [the winner] drink) the ritual cup.“

—  Confucius Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher -551 - -479 BC

Bowing is a courtesy for the host who invites him as well drinking a cup.
Original: (zh_Hant) 君子無所爭、必也射乎、揖譲而升下、而飲、其爭也君子。
Source: The Analects, Chapter III

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„Some will object that the Law is divine and holy. Let it be divine and holy. The Law has no right to tell me that I must be justified by it.“

—  Martin Luther seminal figure in Protestant Reformation 1483 - 1546

Source: Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (1535), Chapter 2

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