„Never curse an illness; better ask for health.“

Andrzej Majewski photo
Andrzej Majewski13
Polish writer and photographer 1966

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„Cynicism is humour in ill health.“

—  H. G. Wells English writer 1866 - 1946
Boon, The Mind of the Race, The Wild Asses of the Devil, and The Last Trump (1915)

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François de La Rochefoucauld photo

„Preserving your health by too strict a diet is a tedious illness.“

—  François de La Rochefoucauld French author of maxims and memoirs 1613 - 1680
Maxim 72 of the Maximes supprimées.

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Sam Harris photo

„Many people who experience illness imagine that everyone else is blissfully getting on with life in perfect health—and this illusion compounds their suffering.“

—  Sam Harris American author, philosopher and neuroscientist 1967
Sam Harris, Adventures in the Land of Illness http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/adventures-in-the-land-of-illness (May 26, 2014)

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„Health is the greatest of all possessions; a pale cobbler is better than a sick king.“

—  Isaac Bickerstaffe Irish playwright and librettist 1733 - 1812
Reported in Tryon Edwards, A Dictionary of Thoughts (1908), p. 221.

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Sathya Sai Baba photo

„As a matter of fact, there is no trace of ill-health in Me. I am always healthy. Not only today, till 96 years I will be like this.“

—  Sathya Sai Baba Indian guru 1926 - 2011
05 Oct. 2003, Prasanthi Nilayam in Sathya Sai Speaks, volume 36 chapter 14, discourse title "Give up Dehabhimana develop Atmabhiman"