„By virtue of depression, we recall those misdeeds we buried in the depths of our memory. Depression exhumes our shames.“

Anathemas and Admirations (1987)

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Emil M. Cioran529
Romanian philosopher and essayist 1911 - 1995

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„Who are we without our memories?“

—  Marta Acosta American novelist

Source: Dark Companion

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„What are we, after all, without our memories … without our dreams?“

—  Nicholas Sparks, book The Wedding

Variant: What are we after all our dreams, after all our memories?
Source: The Wedding

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„There's a place
between desire and memory, some back porch
we can neither wish nor recall“

—  Don McKay Canadian poet 1942

'Apparatus' 1997 McClelland & Stewart Nov 2014
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„Our memory is childish and it saves only what we need.“

—  Czeslaw Milosz Polish, poet, diplomat, prosaist, writer, and translator 1911 - 2004

"Yellow Bicycle," trans. Czesław Miłosz and Robert Hass
Unattainable Earth (1986)

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„The memory of how we work will endure beyond the products of our work.“

—  Jonathan Ive English designer and VP of Design at Apple 1967

A reference to the Apple design team, in an interview at the Design Museum (2003)

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